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Working in My Bedroom (Yes, Again!)

So, today was 'day three' of doing some cleaning. And it again included my bedroom! As of today I have totally cleaned out 11 dresser drawers. I'm really pleased with how they've all ended up!

I'm doing a photo share, so you'll see the progress -- AND lack of progress -- I've made, thus far. (grin) Do keep in mind that I haven't ONLY focused on this one room. I don't want you to think there's something wrong with me that it would take three days for one room.

And I'm sorry the photos didn't turn out better. I should have taken these hours ago, but didn't think of it then. So these are dark (being taken at night). Oh well. At least you can get an idea of how things look right now...

By the way, I lied yesterday when I said I had no stacks in my bedroom! I'm starting out with a photo of the corner of the room (near my vanity table) where you can CLEARLY see a stack of clothes! But it's not all that bad. (smile)


Here's that corner stack of clothes! Uh, oh!

The bed. That's my empty clothes hamper (blue) near the window.

My tall dresser. I've cleaned out all five drawers! I need to dust!!!

The front of the dresser.

My closet and the wall beside it.

The door leading in to my bedroom.

Here's my short dresser, which has the mirror and six drawers -- all cleaned out!

You can see two empty clothes baskets in the corner.

The stool near my closet.
The two bags on the floor are for work. My briefcase and other bag of stuff.

My bookcase, near the vanity table (beside the bed).

Peering in from the hallway.

My exercise machine on the rug.

Pillows on my bed.

Back corner of the room.

My vanity table, where I put on my makeup.

I didn't get a shot of my TV, but there is an old one near the vanity table. Nothing fancy, but it is hooked up to cable. So I can watch it when working out, lying in bed or putting on makeup.

As you can see, there's MORE to do. I still need to work on my large closet (the small one in the corner is DONE, thankfully!). And get rid of a lot more clothes! But it's a start. I can't wait to really dust and vacuum. But it's nice enough now that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable having someone stay over there and sleep in my bed...

So, a BIG THANK YOU to my hoarding TV shows -- and hoarding books (I've been re-reading a good one lately) -- for helping inspire me.

I don't think the photos show this, but it's really a good-sized room! It's the original 'master' bedroom for the house (though nothing to what Marilyn has downstairs). I don't think you could ever get a king bed in there, but that's okay. I have room for a vanity table and exercise machine, two large dressers, a chair and stool and my bookcase (with a cedar chest under it) and TV -- so what else would I need?

Anyway, I feel very blessed to have such a nice bedroom.

I'm WORN OUT today. I was cleaning all day long. I still need to do the garbage and recycling, but I think I'll catch a NAP, first.

I'm thinking of NOT going to work tomorrow, after all (as originally planned). I'm really hoping sister Sue might be able to haul me -- and many bags and boxes -- to the Goodwill! I've really filled up several things with all this cleaning.

And I got some laundry done today, too! Good deal!

Marilyn worked a ten-hour day today. She had the Living History gathering until quite late, which is why I was able to work so late here at home...

Nauseous again today. And I seem to be running a fever again. So odd. Not horribly sick (obviously!), but slightly under the weather. Annoying for the most part.

There's more to tell about my day, but I'm toast. So I'll try to remember it for tomorrow.

Good night, all!

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