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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Vacation is Over (For Now). 

Today is the last day of our current vacation week. Marilyn and I REALLY ENJOYED IT (even though we both felt crummy part of the time). And it seemed long, too. (smile) It's hard to believe that a week ago Sunday we worked a nine-hour day in the office.

It's funny, but we didn't mind just staying home -- and not getting down to the beach house this past week. We did talk about it, but it probably would have been uncomfortable warm there (as Ralph had indicated on the phone when we talked). So that's okay. We can get down there again soon.

One of the main things we did that I think was good for both of us was SLEEP a ton! And we've both been reading a lot, too. We weren't all that focused on food (especially with me not feeling that great), which is okay. We ate when we felt like it, and just didn't eat when we didn't want to. That's often true in the heat, anyway.

I do wish we'd both stop having digestive issues (had them again today). I'm not sure WHAT that's about. But oh well.

It's time for me to get back in to see my nurse practitioner. And we need to take our cat Henry to the vet, too. I also should see my dentist one of these days. I need to check and see when I'm due to go to the eye doctor...

Anyway, back to WORK tomorrow. Always a good thing!

I've got IT to concentrate on. PLUS we need to start figuring out what we're doing with the website! This is the time of year we'll need to make changes (if we're actually making them).

Well, I'm going to shower and wash my hair so we can head to bed. Marilyn is already showering and washing her hair.

I just read that sister Sue went to the wedding of her gay friends Bob and Micheal today (in answer to my last blog post). Gosh, I'm surprised she didn't phone to tell us that! She was going to 'give Bob away' to Micheal -- something she's wanted to do for a very long time! I hope it all went perfectly.

I can't wait to start doing some cleaning around here. I really want to tackle my crazy bedroom! It's such a mess right now...

And that's it for this Marilyn Monday! (grin)

August 4, 2015 (Tuesday) 09:48 am (UTC)
The wedding went perfect and I gave them both to each other which worked very well. The female judge did a nice job, but we had heard that some gay friends of Bob and Micheals had been first to arrive and were moved by this same judge to be last. Now they did not say anything, but I made it clear to the clerk that if that would happen with us I would be making quite a scene. There were only two groups of people and the second to arrive were very young with tatoos all over their bodies, could be she likes tatoos less. Just kidding.
August 4, 2015 (Tuesday) 11:10 pm (UTC)
Glad the vacation went well!