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Hot, Hot, Hot -- Just Doing Nothing.

Can you believe I was COUGHING again today??? Good grief! That's ridiculous.

It was another hot day in Portland (and the region). Marilyn and I stayed in and did nothing to speak of. And both slept a ton, which is GREAT by me!

I'm enjoying number two in the "Wayward Pines" series of books. It's gotten quite interesting! And Marilyn and I started watching the TV show -- we saw the first episode On Demand today.

Can you believe today is the first of August? Time really flies!!!

And that was our Saturday, believe it or not. Very quiet. And frankly, that works for me!

Tags: 2015, august-2015, heat-wave, hot, kindle-paperwhite, marilyn, reading, sleep, sleeping, tv, wayward-pines, weather

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