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Busy Tuesday

So, we decided yesterday that TODAY would (finally) be the day we'd get our nails done. We were going to go to bed really early last night, after heading to Walmart and getting our shopping done.

We did head out to Walmart around 10:00. We hadn't been in ages, so we had a pretty big list. It included things like pop and cat food, plus a bunch of supplements and paper products. We were also going to get a couple of cases of water, but they were out of our brand (which happens sometimes). Anyway, we got home in time to watch Tom Cruise on Jimmy Fallon (which we'd been looking forward to).

Then we fooled around with our iPads and so on and watched TV -- and did NOT go to bed early, as planned. Oh well.

We did both sleep well and then slept in. So we finally pulled ourselves together and were ready to head out. Marilyn got a text message from Angel, whom we hadn't seen in ages. He's been on his summer schedule with many shows. Anyway, he invited us to meet him at the Starbucks in St. Johns, and we did that. It was wonderful to see him and catch up. While there we met an Elvis impersonator named Les and had an entertaining interaction with him before finally taking off again.

Also ran into Mary, my lovely dentist, while there. (I need to get in to see her one of these days!)

So it was afternoon before we went over to Jantzen Beach Mall (near sister Sue's house) where our nail place is. Anyway, we got our pedicures and manicures done -- finally! We were terribly grown out, so we really needed it. I got gold on my toenails (surprise!). I honestly don't recall what Marilyn did. Then I got a French manicure, which I haven't had in ages. And Marilyn got a lovely shade of pink, sort of orchid.

After that we went shopping for some facial products at Ulta, which is right near our nail salon. Which reminds me! I recently got Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray (by JOHN FRIEDA) to try on my hair. I bought it at Riteaid while we were there. It's amazing! It makes my hair all curly, but it's not like other products. It's very lightweight and doesn't make tangles. I really LOVE it. That's a total aside, anyway. I wanted to be sure and mention how much I'm enjoying using the product. I got more at Ulta (so I could take one bottle to the beach house), and it was actually cheaper there than at Riteaid. We're excited about the facial stuff which Marilyn saw on a TV show. I'll let you know how that goes...

Then we went clothes shopping at Ross. Marilyn actually found three pairs of pants! She really needed them, so that was great. She's been working hard on getting in better shape (eating better and working out -- especially doing floor exercises). And she's been looking really good. Now she has her first-ever skinny pants to wear.

I tried on some jeans and shorts, but didn't get those. But did get a lace 'sweater' type of throw to wear in black (I love it) and another lace top -- both were really cheap. Then we each found a bag we wanted, too. And I wanted to get more of my fragrance, and they had it there really cheap. I almost forgot the main reason Marilyn wanted to go to Ross, which was to get some sunglasses.

On our way home, right around 6:00, we went past the turn off for the Mexican restaurant we like, and thought we'd like to go there. We actually haven't been in months! So when we got home I phoned sister Sue and our friends (and neighbors) June and Jim about going. Unfortunately June and Jim had already eaten, which was a surprise. (They often don't eat until 7:00 in the evening.) But Sue wanted to go, so we met her there. (Hopefully we'll go another time soon with June and Jim!)

Anyway, we were all hungry and it was nice to eat there again. (We saw Fernando, whom we haven't seen in ages.) After eating, Marilyn showed Sue the Grand Pinnacle award submission, which was really fun to share. Sue was enthusiastic and complementary.

Then we headed back home and got unpacked and I removed all the tags and stuff from the stuff we bought. Marilyn was having an issue as she sometimes does eating there, I'm afraid, but managed to get home okay. I was having my usual back pain and tummy pains (from gas) that I've been having ever since I got this latest bug. I'm pretty sick of it, but Marilyn is convinced this is the bug she had at Christmastime -- and she's sure it's just going to need to run its course.

I'm STILL fighting the end of laryngitis, which I can't seem to shake...

We watched a little TV after that, but I was soon ready for a nap around 8:00.

I took my Kindle and headed to lie down. I'm reading the first book in the Wayward Pines (Pines) -- inspired by our friend Shari. It's interesting, but also a very frustrating read (!!!). We'll see how I feel as I get further into it.

Marilyn and I also want to catch the TV series On Demand (which aired between May and July). Shari has seen the entire thing. It's supposedly inspired by Twin Peaks -- we were fans, way back when.

By the way, I was recently chatted about Zuma, the (very old) PC game that Marilyn and I have been playing for years and years -- not to be confused with any Apps of similar names. They've never made these old PC softwares into Apple Apps for obvious reasons. So when I say we're playing Zuma, I actually mean we're on our PC desktop computers playing old downloaded versions of the game.

Gosh, I don't know how many different times we ended up downloading that game over the years! Hahaha. It was right around twenty dollars a download, too -- not like Apps for devices, which are much less expensive. I tried putting it on a laptop years ago, but it never played correctly. It just needed more stuff than a laptop could provide. And frankly, it doesn't play that well on our updated Operating Systems for our desktops, either! I guess you really can't play these old games the way we used to back in the day... We hardly ever get to the end of the game. But back in the day we used to play Zuma for hours and hours -- and got really HIGH scores when we went to 'space' and finished the game (after round 12).

I'm pretty sure I confused Shari talking about it because I didn't really explain all that. But there are some of you who also used to play Zuma back in the day (you know who you are!!!). We never played the sequel game, although we downloaded it, too, at one point. (But neither of us liked it.)

Well, that was our busy Tuesday!

We were considering driving to Winston, Oregon tomorrow to go to Wildlife Safari -- maybe with sister Sue. But she needs to be back in time to run cribbage (her friend Tammy can't because of her new job), so that wouldn't work for her. Now we're thinking we might go on Thursday. Nothing is written in stone. We like playing things by ear when we're on vacation, as we have to plan things out enough when we're working, after all.

I guess that's it for today, anyway!

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