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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Suspicious Activity at the Beach House 

I got a call from Christine today, who had received a call from our neighbors in Seaside. They'd seen some suspicious activity going on at our house and wanted to let us know!

I phoned and spoke to John and he told me the details. A woman (drunk? crazy?) was there around 5:30 a.m. and appeared to be trying to get in. John watched and she pretended to leave. He pretended not to watch, and she came back. Eventually he phoned the police who came and actually took her away.

Anyway, I phoned Ralph and he offered to go by and check. He called back and said everything was fine, which was good news!

But the really good news??? John and his family are ALWAYS looking out for the house for us! That's pretty amazing.

But Marilyn and I discussed it and we're equally lucky to have wonderful neighbors here in Portland who are always looking out for our house, too!

Bottom line? We're blessed with GOOD NEIGHBORS for both houses!!! You really can't beat that.

Just getting ready to head to Walmart for the first time in AGES. We really need to pick up some things.

Spent a LOT of today just SLEEPING. Or resting. And sleeping again. I think it's exactly what I needed, frankly. I just want to get over this damn bug.

But tomorrow we're going for manicures and pedicures. And we need to do some laundry before heading to the beach house!

Ralph mentioned that they've been talking 80' plus weather down at Seaside for this week -- and he agrees that's TOO HOT. Sure hope it's NOT that hot down there!

Of course, we're having another heat wave here in Portland and expecting 100' weather! Yikes!

Well, off to shop!!!

July 28, 2015 (Tuesday) 12:25 pm (UTC)
Crazy woman trying to get in the house...not cool!
When Sabrina and I stopped in Seaside this last weekend, the weather was perfect! Hopefully the temps don't go any higher than what the forecast is showing now...Thursday could be an 80 day!😳
Have a great time!! I sure hope you can kick this bug this week!
😘 xoxo
July 28, 2015 (Tuesday) 02:52 pm (UTC)
I am so glad that you have good neighbors watching your beach house. I wonder why the woman was trying to get in your house. Must know you are not there a lot. Any way also good that you have Ralph to check it out. I hope you will feel better and enjoy yourself at the beach.
July 28, 2015 (Tuesday) 10:51 pm (UTC)
I'm glad someone is looking out for your beach house!