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More Paint Shop Pro Tutorials!

I've got around four (five? six?) tutorials in progress still, but at least I finished one today!

Showing how to add a frame/border to an image, that ends up looking like this:
Quick Frame - 9 small

(Those interested can go and view the PSP9 version of the tutorial in question.)

I personally use PSP9 almost exclusively, which means it's more and more difficult to do the PSP7 version of my tutorials. (sigh) But I spent time converting this one, thinking it might prove useful to members. (Believe it or not it hasn't been all that long since I reasoned this one out! It's certainly a quick way to add a border...)

I wasn't really on line at all today, to speak off. I picked up my email several times and worked on that tutorial. (And the conversions.) That's about it! Didn't even read my LJ friends, as I didn't have the time...

Spent part of the day with sister Sue at her house working on her computer. It's newly back from our tech Donn...

Made Curry Chicken for dinner tonight -- a new recipe. It turned out great!

Did several loads of laundry, packed away some things, did a load of dishes, took out tons of garbage, and other household chores... Busy day!


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