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Thursday at Home

Ignore the TIME. This is being written on July 24, well past midnight. But I had certainly meant to do an entry for Thursday, July 23, so here we go...

Marilyn stayed home today. She just didn't feel well. And we agreed we could go in and work this weekend, so no worries.

I'm getting better. But I'm still not THERE, yet. My voice seems stronger, but I've still got laryngitis. And I'm still coughing. So I'm taking it as easy as I can. I'm a wimp. There's no doubt about it...

We watched TV and played Zuma (remember that old game???) today. Yeah, we've still got Zuma loaded on our desktop computers, so every now and then we play it. It used to be a huge fave back in the day...

We didn't really eat anything during the day. I still have no appetite to speak of. But then we decided on hot dogs (baked in the oven) for dinner -- and Marilyn made her wonderful baked beans! Quite yummy.

I had a HARD TIME getting myself to finally color my hair, which I did past midnight. And I also did the garbage and recycling well past midnight. Man, I was so exhausted it was all I could do to get that task done!!!

But the time we got to bed it was past 3:30. Which explains WHY I'm doing this blog entry so damn late... Hopefully NEVER again, by the way!

We got a notice today that they're TURNING OFF OUR WATER tomorrow morning at 8:30 -- and will have it off for SIX HOURS (!!!). You've got to be kidding me! Needless to say, I'm glad we'll both be at the office tomorrow! (They're working on the MAIN. Seriously??? Why is that???)

Also, tomorrow is movie day. We're going to see "Ant-man." This replaces having our annual Staff Party for this year.

Jeff will be in tomorrow, poor guy!

My hair color turned out pretty decent, I think.

And that's it for Thursday! (Thanks for your patience.)

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