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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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So SICK of Being Sick. (sigh) 
charlie sick, sick in bed

I really have very little to say. I'm sick of being sick. It's just past two weeks now. Yeah, I know there are people who have had this thing much longer than that and I should just accept it. But that's rough, you know?

Anyway, trying to talk as little as possible. And take my meds. And rest. And SLEEP.

Today I was lying around watching TV and saw one of those Hoarding shows. (I think it was something like Buried, or whatever.) Anyway, at first the woman was just failing. And her house was horrible. She had dogs and it was terrible for them, too. I think it was in Canada. Anyway, the policeman assigned to her was so kind. And they got her other help, too. And at the end when it looked like it was going south and she was about to lose her house, she managed to change things ON HER OWN. She wanted to keep those dogs (and her house) so bad that she forced herself to make the necessary changes. I was really impressed.

As ALWAYS happens when I watch any hoarding show (or read a hoarding book), I immediately needed to go and clean. I didn't want to do anything much (still taking it VERY easy), but I figured I could clean a few small drawers, and clean off some shelves. So I did four drawers and five shelves. Plus I put a load of dishes to wash and picked up the kitchen a bit. It made me feel better, anyway.

I also watched some show that was about people who weigh more than 800 pounds trying to lose weight. They follow a person for a full year, and that person has the surgery. The woman today was totally failing after her surgery. She simply refused to even try to stand on her own or do anything. She was sticking to her diet, but she wasn't going to make it without exercise. Nothing that was said to her by her doctor or her family was making a dent. Then suddenly she was ready to try and by the end of the show she'd lost close to 300 pounds! It was just amazing. I was actually in tears I was so happy for her and the people who had helped her.

I didn't need her to encourage me to diet, though. Right now I'm just barely hungry at all. I don't know if it's due to feeling sick, or due to the meds I'm taking killing my hunger. But food doesn't even look good to me. I had ice cream for breakfast. Yeah, I know. That's a lousy choice. But it was all that appealed to me. I did eat a healthy Amy's meal for dinner, anyway...

I wish I could exercise, because I actually want to. But I don't dare right now, obviously...

TMI warning: I had the runs today. No idea why. Must be the bug or the meds, I guess...

Marilyn came home early today. TMI warning: She was having bowel issues, too, and couldn't face dealing with them at work any longer than she already had, poor thing.

I really want to color my hair tomorrow, if I feel up to it (fingers crossed). I guess we'll see.

Tomorrow is real garbage day, too.

I talked to my friend June tonight (very briefly). I miss chatting with her! I wanted to find out what happened with her surgery to remove the mole on her back. She had it done and got word back today that it was benign. That's wonderful news! (I'd been thinking about her and praying for her constantly...)

Jason called me and Facebook messaged me today about meeting. We want to talk to him about the dotCal calendar. (I totally missed his phone call. I must have been sleeping...)

Well, that's my Wednesday. Hope all of you are doing well!

July 23, 2015 (Thursday) 11:32 am (UTC)
Hope you get better real soon. It seems like you have had this longer just because you never seem to get any better. Glad you are staying home and getting a lot of rest. I ran cribbage for Tammy last night. We only had eight people which is very small for us. I did no good again, but one of our members had a grand slam meaning he won all nine games. I may have found someone to drive me to Sunnyside for the tournament this coming week-end. I had no one to go with and did not want to drive clear up there all alone. Joanne who used to play in our club came and played with us last night and she wants to go. She was planning to go to a second tournament that will be Monday and Tuesday. I want to go to the Friday to Sunday one of course I am staying at my friend Jacks house and hope they can put Joanne up to she can have the bedroom and I will sleep on the couch in his man cave. I usually do that any way. There are three bathrooms and the house is brand new and very nice.
July 24, 2015 (Friday) 12:50 am (UTC)
Sorry you're still sick. I hope you feel better soon!