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Still Sick. Maybe More So...

I did almost nothing today. I just don't feel good. This thing is in my chest, so now I'm coughing. And I'm not over the laryngitis. Yeah, I remember that it said two weeks -- and I'm not quite there, yet. But I'm certainly sick of being sick!

I guess I'll be staying home from work tomorrow...

Marilyn got on a cleaning kick tonight and did a TON of work! It's amazing! I, however, was no help at all...

We need to do a lot more cleaning around here. Maybe I can do some things this week...

I really, really need to color my hair this week. It's AWFUL.

Remember that long, long list from yesterday? We didn't do much of it. We never left the house, for one thing. Oh well. You do what you can do.

Gosh it's HOT upstairs! I wonder how hot it was today??? Just checked. It was 85' today for a high. I just checked the temperature in the house and it reads 83'. I guess that explains why I'm sitting here sweating like mad. Hahaha.

I just noticed a psoriasis patch on my right hand (a NEW one, I mean). That's depressing.

So, Marilyn and I actually watched "Taken 3" today. Wow, did that movie ever suck! What a disappointment! We really enjoyed the first two films, and had been looking forward to seeing it. It's just awful. And Brian wasn't the man he was in the first two movies...

Well, I guess that's it for today. Off to have a warm soda. (I can't wait to get back to drinking cold beverages again! Warm pop and warm water pretty well sucks...)

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