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Funeral Mass - Dinner With Sue, Larry and Nicole

This morning was all about the funeral mass of Thom's wife. Marilyn and I didn't know her well, but we greatly admired her, even so. And we have tremendous admiration for our friend Thom. He's truly a great man. And his wife was a great woman, by the way.

Anyway, it was hard for both of us to get up. This was a rough week -- there's no other way to say it. We were just worn out. Plus I'm still getting over my bug, and Marilyn has felt a bit under the weather (it's probably due to stress). But there was no way we were missing that mass, so we did get up and headed out. It was close by, thankfully, at the Chapel of Christ the Teacher. But I was surprised how even though we weren't late, most of those attending had arrived quite early!

Thom actually waited outside and greeted EVERYONE has they arrived! What a guy. When we got inside, we found the entire chapel was full downstairs, so we went up into the balcony area. Believe me, by the time the service started, the upstairs was full, too!

To give you an idea of what a big deal this was, there were TWO 'red hats' in attendance for the mass. The bishop, plus Archbishop John G. Vlazny Emeritus, were both in attendance. The mass was served by a large group of religious (the place was full of priests and sisters).

It was a BEAUTIFUL service. The man who sang had a wonderful and powerful voice. The woman who sang sounded as if she were an opera singer -- she also played the cello and the flute. I was reviewing the music and discovered all the pieces appear to have been composed by local outstanding musicians (probably friends either of Thom or his wife, or both). There were other high-level Catholics who participated in the service. It was humbling and lovely.

We were invited to the reception after, but decided to head home, where we were soon sleeping again.

But we had arranged that we'd get together at some point with sister Sue and her visiting friend Larry (whom I've been calling her 'boyfriend' for some time now). Anyway, they were at the Portland Cribbage Tournament (cribbage is how Sue met him). I was asleep when Sue phoned, but Marilyn talked to her. And when I got up we all agreed to go to dinner together. I was all in favor of Chinese again, so eventually we decided to go to the Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Kalama, Washington.

Marilyn and I had been there once before -- we stopped there coming home from our trip to Forks back in September of 2014. Carol had told Marilyn how good they were, and we really did enjoy the food when we ate there. We'd been wanting to have Sue try them out, so that's where we decided on. They're located about a 45 minute drive from our house. We were going to meet there, rather than try and cram five people into a car.

Anyway, we all got there were no trouble and sat at a large table. Larry wanted to treat us (very kind of him), and we all placed our orders. But here's the funny part: They bring out the food, and everybody gets served except for Larry! We wave over our waitress, and it turns out I've been given Larry's plate! So actually, my order was never placed! Thankfully I'd been waiting to eat to be polite, so I hadn't dug in to Larry's food. Hahaha. It took ages, but eventually they brought out my food, too. The waitress didn't seem the least bit sorry or concerned, but I was totally mellow about it, so there was no drama. All in all, it will give us something to laugh about in the future, and help us remember the event. (I wasn't exactly starving, anyway. Half the time while I've been sick I just haven't been that hungry...)

It was nice to meet Larry and get to know him. He's very important to Sue and a close friend. Marilyn and I really enjoyed dinner. And Nicole was lovely during it. It had to be boring for a teen girl to be there with us four older adults.

Back home, with a quick stop at Freddies. We got bagged popcorn and some raspberries. You know, if anybody had ever told me even five years ago that RASPBERRIES would become my FAVORITE berry, I'd have told them they were crazy! Not only were they not a favorite of mine, but I used to HATE them. Especially when I was younger. And now I can't get enough of them! Looks like you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! (Wait!!! Did I say old? Hahaha. I must be losing it.)

As a treat, we got a McDonald's vanilla cone on the way back home again. These are up to a dollar again, which I was comparing to the ten cent cones we used to get as kids. Hahaha. For awhile, they were less than that, if you can believe it! I don't know how they can afford to have cones for so little... They make a yummy treat, anyway -- especially on a hot day!

Marilyn's snoozing downstairs as I type this up in our upstairs office. It's so damn hot in here that I had to rip my shirt off. I'm actually seeing half-naked to write this! We hit a record 96' today -- the hottest day of the year (I guess tied with July 2, to be exact). Yes, we're still in our heat wave. It's supposed to be 97' tomorrow! We're very, very grateful for our air conditioning, I can tell you!

It sounds like things went great for Adeena at her parade today! Marilyn and I are both so glad!

Well, I'm really tired (yes, still), so I'm off to bed.

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