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The Pinnacle Awards Are in the Mail!!! Go Us!

Well, the Pinnacle Awards are in the mail. And we were really pushing it to finish up all the submissions and get them off. No, we most certainly DID NOT make the noon deadline. But that's okay. We'd set a noon deadline to force ourselves to get things done so there would be plenty of time for the final preparations and packing up -- then getting everything to the post office and mailed. So it all turned out just fine.

Marilyn and I were focused on the Grand Pinnacle. But then I had to move away from that and start working on covers for other submissions. No worries: Marilyn worked with Ashley and Carol to finish up the final edits with Kenny -- back and forth and back and forth. That submission is AMAZING. It has winner written all over it. Everybody was getting that 'feeling' while looking it over when it was done. Marilyn gets goose bumps and Christine cries and we all could just tell it had done what we'd hoped.

I was grinding out covers, along with Christine. For the first time ever, we did an art cover for every single submission! They turned out pretty cool, I have to say.

It's interesting. Years back when I first started making these, I'd end up ONLY doing them for Marilyn. There was this whole backlash thing by a bunch of the staff about our 'brand' and using the same template for all the submissions. Naturally nobody was telling Marilyn how to do HER entries, so I'd make these covers for all her stuff. Here we are, years later, and the feeling has swung entirely away from that attitude. Now people think the art covers are another way to make our submissions special. I think that's a great thing... And it's exciting that Christine got to feel like a part of the process, the way I always did when I made covers year after year...

As for me, it's almost funny how fast I can make the covers now. I owe a lot of it to LiveJournal, by the way! Way back in 2002 when I first got my LJ account, I wanted to make icons (userpics). I've enjoyed art my entire life, so that wasn't new. But this was when I first purchased Paint Shop Pro (by Jasc Software). And, seriously, the rest is history for me. I started learning. Then I started writing tutorials and sharing what I knew. The more I taught others, the better I learned the software myself, by the way. At first it was for fun. Then the next thing I knew I was using it for work! And now I use my graphics skills way more often for work than any other reason.

I've had the chance to create internationally known graphics for the website. (I use to see this one image all over the place -- and years later when we never use it anymore, I still run into it now and then. How cool is that?) I got to make two award-winning Christmas cards, a full-sized poster and some print ads for magazines. And on and on. My stuff is in the current Grand Pinnacle submission and was in our last winning submission (in 2011).

Of course, Marilyn's graphic work is in the current Grand Pinnacle submission, too! She used to do a lot with PSP, but now that she does iPad editing she's absolutely incredible with what she can produce.

Who would have guessed that getting a blog here at LJ could have help make us able to do that kind of work years later???

Anyway, much of the staff was there when we took our Staff Selfie for the submission. I was glad Rich decided to come in and re-work his Sanctioned Events submission (it has gold written all over it, I think), then hang around to help out. We took the selfie out by the Salmon Springs Fountain. Today was a very hot summer day, with beautiful blue skies.

I wish I could say I was feeling great today, but that's not really true. This bug is in my chest now and I'm coughing. And the laryngitis is still sticking around. I took medicine at 5:00 a.m., then didn't take it again until 4:00 in the afternoon. I was miserable without it, but the current version of the medicine just makes me too damn sleepy! I couldn't stand another day of yawning all day and struggling with nodding off. I needed to be really sharp today.

My eyes were driving me crazy today. Little wonder, I guess. I'm telling Marilyn that I think it's eye strain and she said that it might also be about being sick -- duh, Charlie! Hahaha. Anyway, I had to yank out my left contact at work (sigh) and put in a new one. That helped, but my eyes are still sore right now. I'm sure it's nothing that several days NOT sitting in front of a computer for ten or more hours couldn't fix. Plus I've gone to bed late two nights in a row. (The night before last I was up until around 4:00 a.m., then back up again a few hours later...)

The whole staff celebrated when we finished up by having a Riveter, our featured drink this past festival. (Those who drink, of course.) We had some toasts and all gathered together to congratulate ourselves. Go, us!!! We made around 40 submissions this year, so I hope we win a ton of awards. And especially Best Festival in the World!

After that, Marilyn closed the office around 4:30. Not all that early, but it certainly was early for the two of us! This has been a long, hard week.

We went directly out for Chinese food for dinner on our way home, which was quite a treat. We were starved, as we hadn't eaten all day.

Then home and into comfy clothes and to watch some TV. I didn't last long. (Those pills really make me sleepy!) So I went down for a very long nap around 7:30.

I didn't mention that Adeena stopped by while we were finishing up. Both Marilyn and I thought that was very sweet of her! She's appearing as Rosie in a parade tomorrow, which is so cool! She's featured in several of our submissions (my Living History entry really focuses on her), including the Grand Pinnacle. She's on the first page of that! It was good seeing her. We had wanted to go to a movie last night with her originally. I don't know WHAT we were thinking! Like we wouldn't work late the night before our deadline date. Hahaha. Anyway...

Oh! Cousin Linda called us! This morning I noticed messages on the answering machine, and we had two from Linda. We haven't heard from her since before the Grand Floral Parade, so it was good to know she was okay.

Sister Sue has her friend Larry staying at her house. We've never met him, so we're hopeful we can get together with them tomorrow, after the funeral (maybe for coffee, or something).

We do need to get to bed at a reasonable hour. The funeral isn't terribly early, but it is in the morning. And clearly we're TIRED. There's no way we're missing that funeral. The nice thing is it's right here in our neighborhood, so it's not far to go. I'm actually anxious to see Thom, whom I haven't seen or spoken to since his loss...

Well, I'm probably forgetting things. Days like this are just like festival event days -- they're just crammed with stuff! Marilyn kept referring to yesterday like it was days ago! That's just how it goes.

It will be nice to go back to normal now. Or as normal as we ever get, anyway! Hahaha.

Good night, all!

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