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Work, Work, Work.

Marilyn and I just got home from the office (from work). Yes, we DID work more than an 11-hour day, for those keeping track. As I said at Facebook, welcome to the world of HARD WORK. If you can't stand the fire, get the hell out of the kitchen, please.

Lunch was nice! She got a tuna fish sand and I got the special, which was spaghetti. We each ate half for lunch (around 2:30, I think), and the other half for dinner, much, much later...

Low blood sugar at work today. I was 52! Wow, that's low...

Sucky thing for today? Apparently when I washed my hair last night, I never put my Fitbit BACK ON again (!!!). So I missed an entire day of steps. Marilyn had close to 5,000 steps, and I always walk up and down stairs a ton, so I should have had more than her. This makes me a tad sick. Mostly annoyed.

Speaking of, I'm already sick. And still feeling crappy. But that didn't keep me from WORKING VERY HARD today. So what the hell! If I can do today what I did feeling this than good, imagine what I could do on a normal day when I'm not sick.

We worked on the Grand Pinnacle for hours this morning -- Marilyn, Ashely and me. I had hoped to proof Rich's Sanctioned Event submission in the morning, but I never got to it until very late tonight. He and I will go over it again in the morning (he's coming in, even though he normally gets Fridays off this time of year). He was out this afternoon, also normal for him this time of year... Must be nice.

I personally think his submission could win GOLD if he corrects the small problems with it. It's a good entry.

Anyway, I got to write the Living History submission pretty much by myself, with some helpful input from Marilyn. It's interesting for ME to write it, considering I don't sit in on any of those meetings during the year. I was sort of faking it, but apparently did an okay job with that. I'm having Christine proof it for me in the morning, and she was very involved with the actual program. So we'll see what she thinks. I'd love to win an award -- and would be especially happy to get a gold. But I'm not expecting much, really.

I hope the judges 'get' our Grand Pinnacle entry, because we think we really ARE the Best Festival in the World this year -- and we deserve to WIN. I'll keep my fingers crossed on that. It was a lot of work, anyway -- and Marilyn did MOST of that! We just couldn't function without her, that's for sure.

I was proud of Christine, creating Covers for submissions. She's been doing a very good job! I need to rip out quite a few of those in the morning, so we'll see how it goes...

What else? Oh. Last night I was Remoting to work, and suddenly my Outlook went crazy. I have a pretty corrupted Outlook in the office (and have for years). Anyway, I spent more than an hour on it last night (until past 1:00). I was just so tired I finally gave up. Then I had to wash my hair. We were both up really late (past 4:00 a.m.). Pretty difficult when you've got a long day facing you.

Kenny was actually in today, so Marilyn could explain things in person (much easier to do). He said he'd have the draft to us first thing in the morning -- so guess what we'll be doing tomorrow? (smile) Then we'll go back and forth until he gets us the final product. He's really a great graphic artist.

Anyway, I fixed the issue with my Outlook in the office today, thankfully. And I was glad it wasn't anything about the damn Exchange, because I wasn't ready to spend hours on IT in the middle of the Pinnacle work!!!

Well, I just took out the recycling. I need to gather some garbage up, but at least it's not 'real' garbage week. I can do all this tomorrow, if I want to. And considering how tired I am right now, I'm all for that.

Just thought of something else I wanted to say and promptly forgot it. It's great to be brain dead. That happens when you've got a mind crammed full of other stuff...

Funeral early on Saturday -- then we MUST go have our nails done (I have at least one broken one... sigh...).

Jeff's surgery was today. Apparently it went well, but he's in a lot of pain tonight, poor guy. Praying hard for him.

I need to change clothes, get comfortable, grab something to drink (I mean a soda) and take some medicine. It's time to actually sit down and REST before heading to bed.

Tomorrow will be a HUGELY busy day, getting everything done before the deadline!!! (Which is noon.) Keep good thoughts for us, please, that we get there, will you? Thanks, guys!

I'm forgetting things, but oh well.

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