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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Still Feeling Yucky... 
under the weather

I'd really like to say I'm feeling better today. After all, I stayed home and took it easy and slept in. I even took a long nap this evening. But I feel crummy.

And my voice is still gone.

Look, it could be much worse. Poor Jeff has serious complications with his broken wrist. They have to put wires and pins and a plate inside. And another cast. It sounds pretty awful. I'm praying for him. He's supposed to come back to work next week, but I'm not sure he should. I think he needs to be careful and take it very slow...

Anyway, I'm back to work tomorrow. We need to do more work on the Pinnacle submissions and work LATE if necessary. We only have until NOON on Friday to get everything READY TO GO. It's exciting, but also stressful. I don't know HOW Marilyn does it!

No, I didn't color my hair today. I didn't even wash it (but need to do that tonight, even if I have to get up in the middle of the night to do it)... (sigh)

I'm off to sleep. Marilyn's sleeping right now.

She got her hair done and it's really nice!!!

I did speak briefly with sister Sue today. I'm proud of how well she's doing keeping her water weight off right now! Good for her!!!

No beach this weekend. (I wonder if we'll try to go next weekend or not?)

Today is my friend Danny's birthday. Happy birthday, Danny!!!

That's all for today. Can you believe I blogged more than once today???

July 16, 2015 (Thursday) 10:02 am (UTC)
I love having you back doing your blogs just because it helps me keep up with both of you. When you are so busy we never get to talk enough or even see each other. I love you so much Charlie and am glad both of my sisters are in my life.
July 17, 2015 (Friday) 05:45 am (UTC)
We love you, too, Suzy!

Sorry we don't get much time to talk. But after this week it should (hopefully!) slow down some...

July 18, 2015 (Saturday) 02:01 am (UTC)
Best wishes on getting well soon!
Hope work was OK!