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Cloudmark DestopOne ROCKS!!! And Marilyn on TV (at City Hall)

Okay, I'm probably going to get redundant as hell about this software. But I seriously can NOT believe what a difference this has made in just a few short hours in how I view my email (especially my HOME email).

I realize that over time everybody will get more and more SPAM. There's almost no way around it, actually. But my home email was so bad that I was starting to HATE opening it at all. I'm by nature neat and organized about things on my computer, so this was maddening.

Yes, I feel everyone should be disciplined enough to maintain their email. But for most of the people I work with, this level of SPAM wasn't happening. There are only a few of us who have more SPAM than we can begin to manage.

Cloudmark DestopOne is already golden in my book. I can't remember the last time I felt this excited about a software (probably when talking about NoteTab Pro, made by Fookes -- who also has a free version). Yes, there are a lot of GREAT softwares and Apps out there, but some are just head and shoulders above others and really change our lives. I can see that this software will be one of these!

Marilyn was to speak on behalf of the festival at City Hall today at 3:00. So I checked cable TV and found it was being covered -- then I phoned sister Sue so she could watch, too. Marilyn read me her planned speech earlier today. Interestingly enough, she tossed it out and just spoke without it -- doing an even better job than the original speech! She was talking about Lyft, who was a new festival partner this year, our first-ever ride-share partner. The ride share issue has been a big deal here in Portland. And for those familiar with the problem, taxi cab drivers are very upset. This is a city where cabs are quite active, and the festival has also had partnerships with them, for the record.

Anyway, she did a great job. Both Sue and I were proud of her! She's such a good public speaker...

Now I'm going to actually take a nap before going back to work. I spent some time helping Christine work on making a cover for a Pinnacle submission, and she and I split the list. When I get up I'm going to tackle some of my covers...

Marilyn gets her hair done soon. I wish I'd done mine!!!

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