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Long Day -- Grand Pinnacle Work Went Well!

Marilyn and I were at the office by 10:00 a.m. and finished up around 10:00 p.m. (with no breaks except to walk out for food). After a 12-hour day, we got a lot accomplished on the Grand Pinnacle submission today. It's not done (by a long shot), but it's got a good base, anyway. This week we'll wrap it all up.

I think it's really a winning entry! We really ARE the Best Festival in the World, without a doubt!!!

The lovely Adeena joined us at 11:00 a.m. and stayed for nine hours (!!!) helping us out. Isn't she amazing? By the way, this evening she bought Madonna tickets for next October for the three of us! What a wonderful thing for her to do! She is such a dear friend. Oh! And I love her new hair cut -- it's really cute!

I enjoyed helping write some portions of the entry for Marilyn, who has done an amazing job organizing this complicated and detailed entry. She had a wonderful concept. I really hope we win. This has been an amazing year for the festival -- and Marilyn -- and it's a year we truly deserve to win the top award.

Sad news from Jeff regarding one of his daughters. I won't go into details here, but she's in the hospital and under care, which is exactly where she needs to be. Poor Jeff. I don't know how much more the man can take right now...

Adeena and I had Starbucks today (Marilyn did not). And then we walked out for McDonald's (Adeena did not have anything to eat all day) -- Marilyn and I got sandwiches. And we stopped for hot coffee for me and soda at lunch time...

The submission is very, very involved. I can't wait to see what our graphic artist (Kenny) comes up with.

My throat is KILLING me tonight! Way too much talking today, for sure. The laryngitis is lingering, but no wonder. I feel like I've been stabbed in the throat and I can hardly swallow right now. Oh well. I'm sure it's got to get better soon.

Marilyn and I are taking tomorrow off (Marilyn Mondays!!!). I'm looking forward to it.

We're both very tired. I was a bit cranky when we finally got home. First the cleaning crew came in and left -- setting the full alarm!!! So we set off a false alarm and had to turn it off (not that damn easy), then call and cancel it (so they wouldn't send the police out!). Wow, is that LOUD and upsetting!!! I had a headache before it went off, so you can only imagine how I felt after.

Poor Marilyn was suffering with eye strain tonight, after staring at the computer all day long! And we were both sore from all that sitting...

Anyway, we forced ourselves to do some quick shopping at Safeway on the way home. (We'd planned to go to Freddies, but it was closed by the time we dealt with the false alarm and finally started home.)

The poor cats were pretty hungry by the time we got here!

Time to get some rest. I need to color my hair (yes, again), but certainly didn't get home in time for that tonight! I really didn't feel like it, anyway. Hahaha. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

We'll really be grinding away at ALL the Pinnacle submission this week, to have them done in time -- but especially the Grand Pinnacle. So it should be a busy week.

It was RAINING tonight when we drove home! And not just raining -- it was POURING!!!

I don't know what I might be forgetting, but that was pretty much our day. Oh! I did manage to make more than my 4,000 steps today. I haven't done that most days recently because of being sick...

Good night!

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