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Still Sick -- Garbage Day

Well, I feel crappy today. I spent a lot of the day in bed with a bad sore throat -- and my laryngitis is much worse. Oh well.

Sister Sue and I talked briefly today a couple of times.

I did sit up at my computer in my home office and work on emails for some time. I'm way, way behind managing it here at home! But not as bad at work, thankfully.

I also got an email reminder that today is garbage day -- the real thing. So I started gathering all the garbage and recycling up. I'm so puny it was really exhausting for me to do. Plus I got in quite a sweat, as it's very hot in the garage and outside. We're still having our local heat wave.

I did get most of the garbage out. But I still need to gather the composting and do the cat boxes. And here it is, hours and hours later! Oh dear.

I was lying down when my friend June called. She was having trouble with her WiFi, so I put on clothes and went over to see her. I stayed there a couple of hours. It's been ages since we've been able to talk.

I went right back to bed when I got home and didn't awaken until past 8:00 (!!!). Marilyn came home at some point (late, I think). I don't know what she ate for dinner, poor thing! I made a pot of chili and actually had a couple of bowls (one then and another later), the first food I'd eaten all day. I really haven't been hungry while sick this week.

I still need to finish up the garbage, but I'll get it done -- even if it's in the middle of the night.

Right now I'm thinking about lying down again. My throat feels a little better at the moment (it was really hurting at one point today), but my voice is totally shot. Here's what I read about it:
Most cases of laryngitis are triggered by a temporary viral infection. You can manage most cases of laryngitis with self-care steps, such as resting your voice, drinking plenty of fluids and getting rest and lots of sleep. Most cases last around two weeks. Symptoms can include: Hoarseness, weak voice or voice loss, tickling sensation and rawness of your throat, sore throat, dry throat and dry cough.

Anyway, that's the general information I discovered. I've had bouts during my entire life (who hasn't?), and I'm pretty well aware that there's nothing much you can do for it, except try NOT to talk (which is difficult, at best) and get a lot of rest, period (of both voice and body).

When I was younger, I used to try hot tea, honey and lemon (not necessarily together) -- especially when I had laryngitis and was supposed to be singing! I also believe in gargling with salt water (which Marilyn suggested I do). And I do think hot beverages can really help, at least with the discomfort! I read a slew of home remedies, which was quite interesting and included apple cider vinegar, which Marilyn and I swear by for many health purposes.

Well, off to REST (one of the important things to do!).

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