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A Virus (I've Got Laryngitis) -- Marilyn and Steven Rescue Jeff (I Ride Along)

In case I don't get around to blogging later (a big possibility), I thought I should at least mention what happened today...

First, Jeff was on vacation with his family. They got to Grants Pass, and he took a very serious fall. He struck his head and knocked himself out (he has a staple in his head -- I saw it today!) and broke his wrist. So they he was, in Grants Pass with their RV. He can't drive, his wife Alisha can't drive the RV and the entire family is stuck there (four girls, Jeff and Alisha and two dogs).

Jeff needs surgery on his arm. He could get it done there, but the insurance for that area would be awful. He needs to have it done at home! The place where they were was only a stopping point. There's nothing to DO there (no TV, no WiFi, nothing!), so the family is bored and unhappy. Anyway, they needed to come HOME.

Yesterday Marilyn decided to go and rescue them. She was taking Steven along because he offered to drive the RV (the man is a saint). And I wanted to go along to be with her coming back (in case no one else ended up riding with her -- which no one did).

For the record, Marilyn and I came home from the beach house on Monday of this week. I was already feeling a bit under the weather that day. By Monday night we both thought I was coming down with a cold, so even though I'd planned to go to work on Tuesday, I stayed home and stay down almost all day long. Marilyn wasn't sure I should go today, but I pretty much begged. I figured the ride wouldn't really hurt me, after all. (I've taken plenty of long rides when sick in the past. One year we drove to Wild Life Safari in Winston when I was miserable with a cold and so stuffed up I could barely breathe.)

Anyway, I convinced her, so she and I left this morning, early, and drove over to Washington to pick up Steven (the plan was to meet at Jeff's house -- leaving cars there). Originally it was supposed to be BOTH Steven and Rich, but Rich had car trouble, so he didn't make it there.

Anyway, we drove all the way to Grants Pass.

On the way, we stopped for coffee at Starbucks at Woodburn. Get this: I was out of it enough to FORGET MY PURSE there (!!!) and not notice it was missing until around 11:30. Seriously. We phoned and they had it, so at least we didn't need to worry. (Plus my wallet wasn't in it, and I'd removed my external hard drive this morning. So, yeah, my iPads and Kindle were inside, but that was it. And happily everything was there when I got it back this evening!)

Marilyn and I had thought that maybe Jeff would want to ride home with us, but he decided to go with Steven and the family. So once we'd dropped Steven off, we turned around to head home.

All day long I was getting worse and worse laryngitis. Yes, I'd been talking, but frankly, in my experience if you're going to get it, you're going to get it.

TMI WARNING (skip this if you don't want to know!): Aside from a bad sore throat and stuffed up nose (and now laryngitis), I've been having gastrointestinal distress, too. Gas and gas pains (chest, back and stomach) -- lots of burping and farting, I'm afraid. I did take some gas pills, which actually helped that. But I haven't been very hungry since Monday and haven't been eating much. So it's probably safe to say that my 'summer cold' is probably not just a cold, but some other sort of bug...

Anyway, Jeff and Alisha were very grateful we'd gone to bring them back. Steven is the amazing one (Marilyn and I want to make sure we do something nice for him) -- but I think Marilyn is pretty amazing, too, for organizing the trip and driving there and back to make sure Steven could do his thing.

Marilyn's asleep now on the sofa (she's worn out). There was a lot of rush hour traffic this morning, and even worse rush hour traffic tonight. So it's little wonder she's tired.

As for me, I'm really ready to lie down and sleep.

There's work to be done in the office, but Marilyn plans to tackle the Grand Pinnacle this weekend, so if I can't get in before then, I guess it's okay. I'll try and stay down and doctor my throat and talk as little as possible. (I barely spoke driving home today.)

I really need to share about the Fourth of July!

We had a major power outage on the Fourth that made an impact on our beach vacation plans. Sue and the girls (Nicole and Madyson) packed up and went home, as they were expecting not to get the power back on again until 1:00 a.m. (at the earliest). With only a couple flashlights and NO DECENT BATTERIES in the house, we weren't sure how all five of us would even be able to go to the bathroom and back. And clearly there would be nothing we could do.

We didn't even want to open the fridge and freezer, because we were trying NOT to thaw out food! Life without TV or lights (or WiFi!!!) is pretty grim. The girls had no charge for their phones, so things were pretty sad.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and I did walk all the way into town to seek batteries (or new flashlights). We used to keep a bunch of small ones there, but stopped because the batteries would DIE, due to the salt air, I guess. (It happened numerous times, anyway.) All we had were the flashlights from the car. Stupidly we'd let those batteries fade. Anyway, no power meant no open stores, of course.

Also, on the way into town, we encountered a NAKED man who was clearly troubled. We walked up to the hospital to report him (he said he'd just been released) -- they said they'd take care of it. Not sure if they did, but we tried (that certainly adding to all our walking that day!).

After walking to town, we headed back to our house, which was slowly growing dark. I read out loud from my Kindle. Then we decided not to miss out on the fireworks, so we walked BACK into town again -- fast this time, because we'd lost track of time and didn't want to miss anything!

We made it back in plenty of time. It was odd with everything DARK in town! They couldn't play the soundtrack for the fireworks (a bummer), but it was sort of cool to see the fireworks with a totally black background. Nothing in town was open, of course! But people were still there in droves.

They put on a pretty good show -- it runs more than 20 minutes, total, which is a long show for small town. (Fireworks displays are VERY expensive!) We enjoyed it. But get this!!!

At the very end of the show, the lights came back on! This was HOURS before anyone was expecting them! It certainly made the walk back home much safer than it would have been in the pitch dark...

We were sorry we'd encouraged Sue and the girls to go home, but who knew what would happen? Anyway, they got home in time to see the local fireworks from their house.

More to share, but I feel lousy and want to go lie down. More tomorrow, I guess...

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