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Back to the Beach House!

Well, we certainly did NOT get an 'early start' back down to the beach. Hahaha. Actually, we took off quite late in the day. But who cares? We took it at our own pace and everything was just fine.

Marilyn did the treadmill -- four miles! Good for her! While she was working out, I was having a lovely NAP. Boy, did I love that!

She washed her hair and some clothes (which I'd done yesterday). We ate peanut butter toast for breakfast with coffee. Here's an odd fact: We haven't been drinking that much coffee at home the past several months. Not sure why...

Anyway, eventually we packed up and drove down, arriving at 8:30 p.m. It was still light out.

We ate Taco Time for dinner.

We've been watching the television show "The Middle" in reruns in the evening. We never saw it until recently, but we really, really like it! Such an 'ordinary' but not ordinary family. Very relatable! (Interesting! Another word that LiveJournal thinks is NOT a word. Really, LJ???) We've 'discovered' so many shows in reruns over the years. I actually like it. You can sit and watch several episodes at one time, for one thing.

I don't think I mentioned us watching "A Country Wedding," which features Jesse Metcalfe (previously from "Dallas"). He made his singing debut, and he has a nice voice.

The cats were very good driving down. And seem very happy to be back.

I'm forgetting things. I'm really not doing my best blogging these days...

We have the house really opened up tonight, so it will be comfortable to sleep.

Sister Sue and the girls (Nicole and Madyson) will be here tomorrow morning.

I'm off to bed! Good night!

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