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Home to Portland (for NOW)

We spent quite a bit of time gathering garbage while still at the beach house. I did the cat boxes late last night (finally), so they'll be clean when we get back down there.

We had a bunch of food that had gone bad and so on. For some reason (???) we'd actually left garbage inside the bin under the sink, and it had gotten musty smelling. Anyway, we had to get a new bin it was so bad. Things can get quite musty at the beach! We have a small roller bin outside for garbage and only get it picked up once a month. I want to change that -- and I want to know WHEN they actually pick up (which we don't know). We have a copy of the schedule, but it doesn't show the once-a-month schedule, for whatever damn reason (sigh). I tried to call them several times today (and let it ring and ring), but couldn't reach them. Annoying.

Anyway, we brought one bag of garbage home with us, as it's pretty easy to fill up that small can...

We need to pick up some things for the beach house. Paper towels, toilet paper, plastic storage bags and some kind of storage containers.

I also want to take some things from the Portland house down to the beach. Our Fourth of July decorations that we've had here and haven't used in ages (why not see if we'll use them there?). Some binder clips (we use them to close bags and stuff). AND I NEED MY FLAG SHIRTS!!! I thought they might be at the beach house, but they aren't! So that means they're around here somewhere. One is my fave (white with a flag design on it) -- and I have TWO of it! I was sure one was at the beach, but no, it isn't. So I need to do a quick hunt and find it! I always wear something patriotic on the days around the Fourth (Marilyn does, too).

We were REALLY TIRED when we got home today. We didn't nap, but we did just lie around doing nothing but watch TV. We saw both "Auntie Mame" (a big favorite with us and sister Sue) and the musical "Mame," with Lucille Ball. We had NEVER seen the second movie before, if you can believe that! We hated the beginning, but actually ended up liking it by the end. It's AMAZING to see Lucille Ball dance so well (and be so light on her feet) in her 60's (!!!) as Mame. Wow. Pretty impressive. It makes up for how bad her singing is (though there are a few numbers she ends up doing quite well -- and I'm pretty picky). I'd see the movie again, that's how much I liked it. And Marilyn and I deliberately avoided it for all this time (it was made back in 1974), just to be clear.

Marilyn's appointment is first thing in the morning, so hopefully we'll head to bed soon. I ended up staying awake much of the night, so I'm tired tonight.

We both want to wash our hair. And I'd like to do some laundry, if I get the chance. If not tonight, then tomorrow.

Our plan is still to go BACK to the beach house early Thursday morning (to try and avoid the terrible traffic). Sister Sue is excited to come down -- and hopefully the girls are, too. I guess Nicole will be doing a lot of the driving. Good for her!

The cats were very good coming home today, by the way. Henry curled up and slept most of the time. (As long as he has some food, he's good. Wish it was that simple for poor Colin.) Colin cried part of the way, but didn't seem to get sick. And he wasn't crying frantically or anything, so maybe he was just 'talking' to us...

It was HOT last night upstairs (ugh). And it was quite warm here in Portland (in the 80's) -- but thankfully the air conditioning took care of that.

Oh! I made spaghetti with mizithra cheese for dinner. It's probably easier to do than it sounds. Cooking the pasta is nothing (big pot, boiling water). Then I pre-melt the butter and put it in the stainless pot I have -- which is important so you can SEE when the browning begins. This goes on the burner with medium heat and constant stirring with a whisk until it browns. Yes, it's very easy to burn (and I've done it many times). I also used the light rye bread we had to make a few slices of garlic toast. You use a large bowl (like a plate with turned up edges -- we think of them as pasta bowls) to combine the pasta, butter and grated mizithra. We didn't have salt free butter, so if you season it, you only had some pepper (it's already salty). I think you could add chunks of fresh tomato, too, actually. Anyway, the whole thing is very tasty.

I did some WORK (for the festival) this morning. Answered some emails and went back and forth with Donn about our current IT issue (which I hope we resolve soon... sigh...).

Finally, our dear friend Thom emailed to say his wife Madeleine has probably a week (at most) left to live. She's had very serious cancer for some time. Marilyn and I love these people, who are truly wonderful. They are pillars in the Catholic church in this state, and very devote. He teaches ethics and is also on our board -- an amazing man. I was crying very hard when I wrote back to him. I can't begin to imagine his terrible loss of his life partner and friend. I was praying for them (of course), but I wish I could do more to help. It's so hard to know what to say and how to be supportive...

I said to him: Dear Thom:

So many prayers are flying to you -- and heaven. Holding both of you in our hearts today (and always).

Trying not to cry, because we know God needs another angel, and has picked her. But I can barely type this for the fog of emotion. My heart aches for you and the coming separation, Thom.

Sending so much LOVE your way -- to both of you, all of your family, plus the extended family of your many, many friends. We all join hands in love and pain, knowing God's plan will provide for our needs.

We'll be praying and thinking about you. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us informed at such a difficult moment.

Prayers are natural, but let us know if there's ANYTHING at all we can do. We're here for you, dear friend.

Please give Madeleine our love and good wishes (and hugs and kisses).

Praying as I write and send this...

With Much Love,

Charlie & Marilyn

Well, on that note, I should wash my hair. And do some more praying -- for these dear friends, and ALL MY FRIENDS (AND FAMILY), everywhere -- and that includes all of you! I love you guys!

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