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Heat Wave in Portland!

Today's high in Portland (Oregon) was around 91' (depending on who you listen to). Tomorrow we're expecting the high 90's (maybe 98'). And possibly 100' by Saturday! (yikes)

Anyway, it was miserable to be out today! I went shopping at one point with sister Sue (whom I haven't seen in ages), so I know what I'm talking about! Plus I was in and out all afternoon, working on the garbage and recycling...

The high point today was spending time with BOTH sister Sue (we went to Freddies and had Starbucks, Sue's treat) and my friend June (I went over and saw her and her husband Jim in the late afternoon). I got to chat with both women, so it was delightful!


I can't believe I didn't blog about it! But I did go along with Marilyn and Rich to the meeting about next year's event to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Historic Columbia River Highway (June 7, 2016). The meeting was at Multnomah Falls in the Lodge there. I got to meet a lot of people and participate in the meeting.

In the morning I worked on the piece Rich had written to submit for the Pinnacle Awards -- on the PeeDee news stunt. In the afternoon, I worked on the news item Mariah did as a Press Release -- and I mirrored for the website. Rich and I had already determined the topics. So she worked it up with Rich, then I went through as I always do, correcting grammar and punctuation. It's amusing when you think about it! Who thinks of doing that one day? I remember when the very idea would have been ridiculous to me...

Then I actually prepared the item to go at the website. I needed to do some tweaking to the actual events we were linking.

So, as for today, I spent a bunch of time picking up in the living room (and a bit in the kitchen). Plus gathering recycling. And the nasty task of cleaning out both fridges! (We have one in the kitchen and another in the laundry room, just off the family room.) It's hard to believe there could be so much food and beverage to dump out. (ugh)

(Speaking of the laundry room, I did some laundry today, too...)

That meant a ton of food to compost, garbage to toss and empty containers to clean out for recycling (including a lot of glass). By the time I finished up, I was really tired out.

Marilyn didn't get home until between 8:30 and 9:00!!! (Poor thing.) She was starved when she got home. All she'd had to eat all day was a protein bar! We had refried beans (again) for dinner. Second night in a row...

I also got us some watermelon today (cut in chunks in a container). Refreshing.

I haven't yet finished up bagging all the garbage and taking it out. I had the neighbor come to get our empty cans. And I still need to clean the cat boxes. I'll get there, never fear!

I was lying down, then decided to get up and blog. I'll probably nap more before finishing up for this week...

Henry was just howling and pacing up and down tonight. Clearly NOT feeling well. His poor nose and his ears are bad again. I held him for some time...

Thankfully he hangs in there somehow.

Donn is coming in to the office tomorrow for some IT. Rich sent me another Pinnacle item to review tomorrow...

I also phoned Jason about Syndical (formerly known as dotCal). We really want to return to our old calendar this year at our website, so I need to set a meeting for him with Marilyn and me. (Not sure who else needs to attend.)

Anyway, that's the past two days!

Tomorrow is our last day before VACATION!!! (hurray) Can't wait. Clearly we'll work late tomorrow (preparing to be off for a week). Hopefully we'll get an early start to the beach house on Saturday (fingers crossed). Then we're supposed to go to the Rockaway Pirates Festival on Sunday. And get together with Jessica and her twin sister this weekend, as well...

I hope it's not too hot at the beach this weekend!

Anyway, I'm so sleepy. I'm going back for more of a nap.

Marilyn's mouth has been pretty sore on and off all week. And the stitches are coming out like crazy. But she's hanging in there.

Marilyn told me Steven has been exhausted, too -- turns out he has pneumonia! Oh, my. I've never heard him cough, so it's a total surprise to me. But I did actually hear him complain about being exhausted on Saturday of the festival (parade day). But that's no surprise! We're all pretty exhausted by then...

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