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Colored My Hair -- Fixed Marilyn's Fitbit

I (finally) colored my hair. The roots really needed it. You might remember (but I doubt it... hahaha...) that last month when I colored my hair I had issues. It didn't take the first time, so I had to turn around and do it a couple of days later. And it's wasn't that great then, either. Hahaha. Oh well. Good enough to get me through the festival! It's hard to believe I colored my hair on May 21 -- the day before our May 22 Opening Day. Goodness!

Anyway, that's a month ago, so it was time to do it again. I used a NEW color: Umberto UCOLOR, known as an Italian Demi Color (whatever that means!). I selected 5.55 Mahogany. Plus Marilyn sent away for my No Gray special hair additive, so I had that this time, too. It's probably both, but the color seems to have taken pretty well. It's a bit DARK on the top (typical), but you know, you can't have everything! I'm just glad to get the gray/white hair covered up, as I really do NOT like how I look with that!

In other news, Marilyn's FITBIT wasn't working tonight (!!!). And it was missing several days worth of steps! So I took it apart and put a new battery in and messed around with it. Then I gave up, because it just didn't seem to be working, even after all that! But she took it back from me and the next thing you know it's working just fine. So I don't know how exactly WE did it, but we fixed it (I guess!). Anyway, we both love these things and wear them all the time, so we're not about to live with issues!!! Hahaha.

About hair color: I really want to try something WILD this summer, like pink or blue. And maybe transition to such a color all the time. That was Marilyn's idea for dealing with the uneven way color works on me now, and I really like it! I've thought about these types of colors before, and why not? You know, once you hit a certain age, you can get away with a lot of things. Hahaha.

Well, bedtime! Tomorrow is a big day (our staff retreat in the afternoon).

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