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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn's Follow-Up Appointment 

Another BUSY day! We were actually LATE heading to Marilyn's follow-up appointment. The amusing thing? They take her almost immediately to the back when she does arrive. BUT then she's texting me in the waiting room for ages while she waits to actually be seen. (He apologized for being late.)

Marilyn was late because of her meeting with Rich, which she had wanted to make sure happened today. She didn't want to be looking at her watch during that meeting, so she lost track of the time.

The dentist was late because he'd been at lunch with someone and lost track of time. We get it. Hahaha.

Then we had to run a couple of quick errands, go home and have some lunch and change our clothes before turning around to dash BACK DOWNTOWN AGAIN for the Memorial service we were attending at 5:00 p.m. We were both so tired we started to drooping while sitting and eating a tuna sandwich for lunch. We both admitted to each other latter that we could have easily fallen asleep at that point!

We made good time driving to the MAC club. A lot of the people there were complaining about the terrible traffic and how long it had taken to get there!!!

It was a large crowd. The cool thing was all the TONS of scrapbooks on display from the many, many trips Nancy and Rolf had taken with one another over the years. There were two long tables just full of scrapbooks on display!

There were a few festival people there, but not many. Clayton and Jackie were unable to attend, as Jackie had been ill recently and in the hospital! Sally and Hal came briefly and Norma, Bill and Kelly were there (we chatted quite a bit). Al and his wife were there. And Bill Ray and his wife were there. I don't know who else I might be forgetting...

We were both SO GLAD to get back home again. We changed clothes and collapsed in front of the TV and were soon asleep. It was a PAIN dragging myself up for the garbage and recycling. Good thing it wasn't real garbage week, as I forgot to get kitty litter when we were at the store, and I'm out! I can do the cat boxes tomorrow, though.

We're practically counting the hours until the weekend. We really need a couple of days to relax and SLEEP. This week was TOUGH, no doubt about it.

As for Marilyn's appointment, it went really well! Everything is going good. She's been released to exercise again. She's still infected, it seems, but he expects that to clear up okay. So we're both happy, anyway. She needs to continue taking care of herself. Now the focus is on regular exercise and good nutrition and so on.

We need to head to bed, so I'll wrap this up. I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but oh well. We've got another day of work tomorrow.

Friday is the last day for a bunch of our seasonal employees. It's always a sad time when these people are done for the year. Marilyn is still in charge of things with Jeff gone, of course.

The weather is supposed to be cooler tomorrow. But then be warm again. We're having a lovely summer, so far!

June 21, 2015 (Sunday) 09:27 am (UTC)
I was going to call you today, but did not want to wake you up if you were sleeping, Glad to hear her appointment went well. I have been very worried about her. Sounds like the memorial was very nice.

I am feeling a little bit better tonight and I did stay in bed and rest a lot today. Savanna and Daniel brought Jackson over to go swimming with Candy. Her Dad, Jackie and her kids went with Candy to the Farmers Market in Vancouver this morning. I stayed in bed and did not see any of them.