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Marilyn: She's Amazing.

So, Marilyn made me STOP talking about her oral surgery at work today. It wasn't an easy thing, as people kept asking me about it. But she said the moratorium on this subject had ended. Yeah, she's pretty amazing, no doubt about it.

Tonight her mouth was bothering her, though. She actually took some ibuprofen for the pain.

Another very busy day at work for her. I got some stuff done, too, but my day was nothing like her day...

I did answer some emails, though, including from my friend Shari. (Always good hearing from her.) She's dealing with the same issue that most of us deal with at one time or another: Trying to remember account passwords! As somebody who keeps track of the passwords for the entire festival office, I totally understand about that. (sigh)

Late tonight I was trying to sleep, but my cell phone kept making the 'you've got a text' sound. So I got up to check it out. And eventually was texting with Candy (sister Sue's daughter -- my niece), my friend Mark and Adeena (she just got done with school for the year). It was interesting trying to send texts to all of them at one time, I must say. Just another sign of how fast I can type (which I discussed yesterday), because you have to really go when you're texting more than one person at a time...

Candy is pretty exhausted and worried dealing with her mom (sister Sue). Sue is going to see her doctor this Friday. Hopefully we'll learn more soon.

Mark wants to go see the Jurassic Park movie with Marilyn and me -- it's too soon, as Marilyn needs to be 'released' to eat popcorn first. (smile)

And I actually contacted Adeena, as I wanted to know if she was back to work now that school's done. She has to work all summer...

Today was about personnel stuff again for Marilyn. I think most of it is done. But I know there are a few other things to iron out. Jeff was supposed to talk to one person, but he's now out of town -- so it looks like Marilyn will have to do it for him.

What would that place do without Marilyn??????????????????

Today several of us were making jokes about after-festival-stupid: How hard it is to even form a sentence sometimes. And I was horribly forgetful at one point during the day! Most of us at the office are dealing with it. We've been under so much stress for so long that we're barely functional now. Hahaha.

Marilyn sent out a really lovely reminder about the memorial service tomorrow night for Nancy, who passed in January. Rolf wrote her back, very moved. I thought it was just lovely, the things she said. Anyway, we'll WORK in the morning, then go to Marilyn's follow-up appointment for her oral surgery. And then we'll go to the memorial. We're hopeful some board members will show up. Nobody else on the staff really knows Rolf (a past festival president) or Nancy aside from Marilyn and me...

They were very engaged the year he was president. And Nancy used to come in and help the staff with projects! That year they had a special lunch at their house for the staff. And they stayed active for years (and still would attend meetings and things years later). Lovely people who were always very supportive of Marilyn and me. (They were both big fans of the eNewsletter when I used to do it).

I had coffee today with Rich. And I took Josie to lunch (her last day is this Friday).

Marilyn had lunch with Marcia and Gail (she does this once a month). Marcia is a former president and long-time friend, and Gail is on the board and has been for ages. (We recently went to Gail's 70th bday party.) Marilyn was able to eat refried beans and some rice (soft foods).

We again had tuna sandwiches for dinner.

Jeff is out of the office at an IFEA meeting until next week.

Our staff outing at McMenamins Edgefield is set for next Tuesday. (We went there last year, too.) I talked to Donn today, and he's planning to attend. Angel has a summer gig and won't be able to be there, though.

I want to phone Lise (pronounced Lisa) and find out if she'll be able to come.

Still trying to keep my winter pansies alive. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to manage that!

I did talk to sister Sue via phone tonight. She's hanging in there...

Not sure what else I'm forgetting.

Have I mentioned that I lost four pounds? Marilyn calls it the 'Marilyn's oral surgery diet.' Hahaha.

Marilyn's washing her hair (I did that last night). I keep yawning, so hopefully we'll go to bed soon.

I helped walk Christine through making a transparent ping (.png) today, using Paint Shop Pro. She wanted to turn our president's signature into one. It went quite well -- and she wrote down the steps so she'll know for the future. Very cool!

I love teaching people about graphics. I used to love doing tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, back in the day...

Well, off to take out my contacts and take my pills.

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