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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Low Blood Sugar Incident. But Of Course! 
blood drop

Back at the office, and I'm now having a low blood sugar incident. Good grief. You've got to be KIDDING me! I had a pepperoni stick (didn't help -- as Marilyn pointed out, no sugar), a Hawaiian roll (great tasting, but too slow) and part of Marilyn's pear. Now I'm chewing some caramels and an apple -- it's like having a caramel apple!

But I'm STILL shaking, damn it.

In the middle of this day, we had Martin Kove the actor (think a man's man type macho actor -- the bad guy John Kreese in the Karate Kid films) and his very hot son, Jesse Kove (a tall, sexy and very handsome young actor) and people involved with the Sanctioned Event: Live from Portland! Golden Age of Radio Theater. And I quote: "With visiting master narrators R.F. Daley, Martin Kove and Jesse Kove commanding the stage, enjoy the excitement of L. Ron Hubbard’s classic military adventure story “Fifty-Fifty O’Brien,” brought to life in the entertaining style of old-time American radio theater. A fun and engaging tale of marine corps’ heroism, honor, danger, and suspense from one of the world’s most prolific and widely-read 20th century authors."

We were invited to attend, but the timing certainly does NOT work for us: 4:00 and 7:00 on PARADE DAY. Right. We'll be there! (Um, not.) But I should mention that Martin is 69 and still looking good. He's been acting since 1971 (to the present day). His son actually appeared in "Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan" -- I'm guessing he doesn't know how much everyone around here loves Paul Bunyan. (Or care, probably.) Hahaha.

We've been CHAINED to our computers, I swear, except when we were out and walking all over the parking lot and arena at the Memorial Coliseum. Considering the heat today, that's probably okay, really.

Yes, I'm hydrating like MAD. We ALL are!

Marilyn's mouth is KILLING HER. But there's nothing to be done and no time to do it, anyway. I feel awful for her.

We're NOT going to have enough water tomorrow, I suspect. Steven was out of water. But we did get some from Ashley (sharing the Grand Floral Walk water). Yikes.

And the media wants to now turn this heat into a big issue and focus. Excuse me??? Every other year they bitch about the festival LOW and talk rain, rain, rain. Now they're bitching about the sunshine? Let it go, people! Nobody is going to die from some sunshine and heat...

I need to go downstairs and check in on Jessica, who is doing the clipboards I'm in charge of...

I've now had way TOO MUCH SUGAR, which is what always happens. But I'm starting to feel 'normal' again (whatever that is!).

I stole Rich's tiny football and hid it on PeeDee -- then blamed him for stealing it! Hahaha. I'm blaming the insanity of low blood sugar.

I hope we don't have to stay really LATE tonight. It would be great to do some laundry and get some sleep. We have to be up VERY, VERY EARLY in the morning for a very long day.

Send good thoughts (and prayers) our way, will you please??? Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.

June 6, 2015 (Saturday) 01:46 am (UTC)
You certainly have my thoughts and prayers!
May all go well for you!
June 6, 2015 (Saturday) 06:17 am (UTC)
You both are always in my thoughts, I wish you the very best. :)