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The Most Horrible Feeling: Bone Tired.

What's the most horrible feeling you can feel? To be so bone tired you just want to cry. I spent the last half an hour forcing myself to GET UP, because I have to do some things before I can lie back down and just SLEEP. And it felt awful. I really thought I wasn't going to be able to get myself up at all. (sigh)

And this was our 'easy' night, because we actually got to leave the office by 7:30 p.m.! And we forced ourselves to stop at the store on the way home and do some shopping, because we need a few things (like something easy to eat for dinner -- we got frozen Mexican dinners).

I got a cheap bottle of ibuprofen, because we're OUT at the office -- and when I searched for some to take in last night here at home, I couldn't find any. I've never seen so many people looking for pain medication as in the past several weeks. Everybody has headaches and body pains. I'm not kidding.

And poor Marilyn's mouth has meant she's needing ibuprofen all the time...

Today was a long and very busy day. There was just no WAY we could get everything done that needed to be done, no matter how hard we tried. I can't even begin to list everything from today. Marilyn had Coronation rehearsal. And we had to take parking passes all the way out to I Heart Radio and drop them off. We made that into a 'fun ride.'

We did walk out to get lunch before her important security meeting in the afternoon with the Governor's security man.

I know the ships came in for our 2015 fleet today, but unlike many years, I didn't see any of that. Just too busy!

Marilyn was talking about how much DRAMA the damn parking passes are every year. She swears there are more questions about PARKING than anything else. Ridiculous, isn't it? Christine and I were discussing it earlier, too, as she deals with a ton of that, as well. Christine said to me, "So often it's people who can just afford to BUY parking for themselves. I want to just ask them WHY they don't do that? What do they expect us to do?" I won't bother naming who she was dealing with, but the person is a responsible adult who is not without any financial means. And should be able to just figure out an answer when the original parking doesn't end up working out. (sigh)

Tomorrow Marilyn needs to finish the script the final script that simply did not get done today. And we need to do our final lists and all the damn clipboards. At least Jessica got those cleaned off and ready to add to (the clipboards are used for all three parades).

There was a confusion about the Junior Parade band judging, so now there are two sweepstakes winning bands. I thought that was a good answer to the situation, frankly. Hopefully everybody ends up happy! What a nice way to keep from disappointing a band that wasn't originally supposed to be judged this year. Long story, but whatever.

Poor Marilyn started her day with her computer acting up (yet again). Boy, I'd like to feel better about Windows 7, but she's sure had a lot of issues with that OS. I guess I could be keeping Donn busy every damn day (if there was enough time and enough money for that).

Then the whole Rose Cup website thing came up again today. I just told Christine to bill it out of IT, as Jeff was suggesting it come out of Admin (which is her budget that she guards so carefully). My budget is a mess this year, anyway...

My feet are sore tonight. Just imagine how they'll feel by this time on parade night! Scary thought.

Happy moment? Telling one of our long-time board members that she is, indeed, listed as an Emeritus in our Board Directory for 2015. Christine told me that was all Marilyn. When the woman asked to be taken off the board, Marilyn simply told Christine she wasn't going to do it. And today that same wonderful woman was afraid she was no longer listed on the board -- yet she wanted to go to tomorrow's knight ceremony in her blue jacket. Marilyn gave me the pleasure of telling her it was just fine. And that she could drop by and see the director for herself and see she was still in it! She's such a wonderful person and very dear to all of us. It was a good use of my time, for certain.

And Christine and I both LOVE Marilyn for refusing to let that go bad when it originally came up!

It's Thursday night, so I MUST do the garbage and recycling. It's not 'real' garbage night, but I've got to bag up some garbage even so and get it out in the can! And do the cat boxes (poor cats). It's hard to imagine as I'm sitting here, half asleep at the computer, but I'll force myself up any minute. I will.

Stupid pain in my stupid buttock! After originally thinking this is related to the leg cramps, I remembered the accident I had years ago. This was when we lived in our other house. I fell down a flight of concrete stairs on ice, and landed on that butt cheek, hard, putting a large 'dent' in the muscle. I always thought it would just go back to normal -- until I saw a TV show one time where a woman had the exact same injury. On the show they were doing pro bono surgeries for battered women. Anyway, it turned out the surgery was necessary to repair the injury -- and was very expensive! So I knew then I'd be living with it forever. Mainly it was just a matter of hiding how ugly it is. But now with the pain I'm having, I figure it's got to be related to that injury, and suddenly acting up. I can't say how difficult it makes it to just SIT down (like right now). It hurts all the time, but when I'm sitting on it the pain is worse. I'll learn to live with it. And I'm NOT taking extra pain pills (what's the point?). It's bad right now. But as long as I can sleep most nights, I'll be okay, I guess.

Marilyn thinks it MIGHT simply be a flare-up that will go away. I'll try and get in to see my nurse practitioner next week or the week after about it. But for now I need to grin and bear it (bare it -- hahaha). Hahaha.

We're still getting steps in, in spite of almost being tied to our computers right now!

Fitbit Update: At one point this evening I wrote these down. But the paper is down in the family room and I'm up in the office, so whatever! I know we BOTH were over 7,000 steps today, anyway. Not bad for a day when we had so much to do on our computers!

We did walk down to the park at one point with Christine and her son Zander. We got pronto pups to eat... Let me tell you, the whole office has people who are HUNGRY all the time, we're working so hard! And it's also hard to stay hydrated, we get so thirsty.

I'm just glancing at the clock over and over, knowing I need to go do that work. And I really should do some LAUNDRY tonight. Or I'll be wearing dirty clothes tomorrow and Saturday! That happens to all of us a lot, too. We just don't get the time to wash our clothing! At least most of us are managing to get showers in. Hahaha. It's annoying to put back on dirty clothes when you're clean, though...

Parade Queen Day is almost here! I can't think of someone who more deserves having a DAY declared in her honor by the mayor on behalf of the entire City! She's amazing -- but I've always known that, since she was a little girl. I'm so proud I could bust out crying.

There's really no TIME to keep up with the French Open tennis, yet somehow Marilyn manages to. She's really devoted to the game. I seem to always be BEHIND on the results, no matter how hard I try to keep up...

Poor cats! Henry came to me while I was sleeping and just howled and howled. I was shoving him away and so frustrated, but the poor guy just wanted me to PET HIM! He's missing us terribly right now, as we're barely home at all -- and mostly asleep when we are home. So finally I petted and petted him, feeling terrible for pushing him away. He's such a sweet boy!

Well, I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. Like the whole BIKE PROTEST that was going on at the Salmon Springs Fountain tonight (good grief) and other tasks we faced (like website updates). But I've got to get to that work if I want to go back to bed!

You'd think I'd be refreshed from the nap we took at 10:00 until past midnight, but I'm just dragging. But the damn clock is RACING! So I'd better go.

Friends are dealing with losses (deaths) and I'm whining about sleep and a little pain! Good grief, Charlie, get over yourself! I need to go catch up with people I care about who have some serious issues.

I love you guys! Sorry I'm not saying it more right now!

Gotta go. Sending good thoughts, lots of cyber hugs and kisses and prayers your way, my friends (and family).

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