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Rain -- More Leg Cramps -- GFP PA Meeting

Well, there was MORE rain today. (sigh) I'm not complaining much, because this is one of those days were nothing is happening, so it's okay to have rain. By that I mean that the park is closed and there's no parade or concert going on.

I started my day with more cramps. Marilyn said she's going to need to get me up at 4:00 a.m. on parade day to give me time to get over the cramps before we have to leave the house that day! Frightening thought, but probably true. It generally takes me half an hour extra to really get going because of the damn cramps...

We had rain during the night and rain in the morning and during the day. It made it cooler than usual, and it was downright COLD upstairs by my space much of the day. I was thinking of getting out Mickey (my Mickey Mouse jacket I keep at work) and putting it on.

Today was TERRIBLY BUSY all day long for just about everybody at work.

I was on the large News item that needed to go out today, working hand-in-hand with Rich. It was covering Junior Parade and all the Wednesday events, including the IYSFF event tomorrow night. And there were other website tasks to get done. Christine was trying to get to one of these (a CityFair tweak) for ages, but I finally did it. The front desk was insane, of course.

Marilyn was working on the float judging books and more instructions that needed to go out for GFP. I was running (literally) up and down and up and down the stairs from my space much of the day long. No, it's not as many steps as you might think. Hahaha.

Cool thing??? Steven told us during Team Meeting that he was making rice and we were getting food to go with for lunch today! Plus Charold brought in the remarkable CAKE she brings in from the special bakery today, as well. Considering how busy everybody was, it was like a miracle not to have to figure out what to have for lunch! We all loved it! There was a bunch of delicious meat and two different salads (one noodle and one pasta), plus sweet rolls. Yummy! Considering it was POURING around noon and nobody wanted to be outside, this was perfect!!! (I love Steven so much!)

Marilyn and I kept talking about going to get Starbucks, but the rain kept us from that for some time. Then we went out with Rich in spite of the rain later in the day and got coffee -- plus I stopped and got two bottles of soda, knowing I'd want one for our PA meeting. Marilyn used an umbrella and I was in my puffy jacket with hood. It was nasty out.

Speaking of pain (my damn legs were hurting on and off all day), poor Marilyn is having a ton of mouth pain. She was saying tonight that she can barely talk and she can't wait to have her mouth worked on to end the pain. I feel awful for her. It's hard enough to get all her work done without that going on...

Marissa and Ashley spent the day getting ready for the Junior Parade tomorrow (of course). Marilyn, Jillian and I are some of the ONLY people on staff who don't go to that event (except for the front desk). We use Wednesday as a final day to CATCH UP with the last tasks that need doing for GFP!!!

Poor Ariel. I can't remember if I mentioned that she has flooding at home! She's dealing with the same situation that Marilyn and I did back in 2011.

It was POURING DOWN RAIN when it was time to pack everything over to the meeting across the street for our PA meeting. We used the same cart as last week, but there's SO MUCH MORE to take, as we have twice as many tower locations to provide for as Starlight does.

Jillian hadn't done the credential badges for today. Fortunately, Rich gave us Media badges to use instead, making what could have been an awful moment just fine. We had two boxes of scripts and two boxes of souvenir programs and a bunch of other stuff. We didn't take Rosie posters as they'd have been ruined by the rain anyway. Marilyn INSISTED on pulling the cart (!!!), and Jillian and I tried to steady it for her.

There were tons of folks at the meeting that Marilyn runs. They did a totally different (???) setup than last week, but it worked out fine. And our part only lasted 45 minutes before Gordon took over.

I'm forgetting to share a bunch of what went on during the day. The Team Meeting in the morning was very helpful. It was supposed to be entirely Operations, but I stuck some Communications in there, that really helped me personally! Hahaha.

Rich and I DID get our item ready -- for me for News at the website, and for his Press Release. We'll start the one for Thursday morning tomorrow. And of course we'll have the Junior Parade results to get out tomorrow after the parade is over... And Marisa did an eNewsletter today (this week there's one on both Tuesday and Thursday!).

Carol came to me about sister Sue's parade tickets! It was fascinating, as I'd been writing her an email and then stopped to go eat with everybody else. It was like she read my mind. Anyway, she put Sue exactly where she likes to be on the end she prefers.

I tried to phone Sue when we got home from work so she could come over to get the tickets and her t-shirts, but I didn't get an answer. So HOPEFULLY we'll connect in the morning! Marilyn will leave me home and come to get me directly after her HUGE MEETING for GFP operations over at the Coliseum. That won't leave me much time to connect with Sue, but hopefully ENOUGH TIME. I've got the shirts and tickets packed up and ready to hand over, anyway.

Christine's grandmother died, so she has the funeral on Monday. And she hadn't slept last night and was pretty shook up today and worn out, poor dear. I don't think I mentioned that Lise (pronounced Lisa) -- who was a seasonal employee -- lost her father, on top of losing her mother-in-law. She had to simply quit before the end of festival...

Life goes on, even during the festival.

Marilyn and I were too tired tonight to really worry about dinner, so we never had any at all. I'm glad we had a good lunch! We went down for a nap and I just woke up very late to blog, take my meds and take out my contacts for bed...

This is a tough week, anyway.

Oh! Finally reached Rob about the Chalet Passes for him and his partner Jeff and Jeff's 70-year-old mom.

I MUST get tickets to Will Call for Gena (Mitch's niece from Alaska) tomorrow!!! I really need to not forget that. (sigh)

And we bought mugs for Bill (RV for GFP) and John (from San Antonio) today as gifts. Plus I need to count out Team pins for the monitors tomorrow!!!

Busy, busy, busy. There are so many DETAILS to take care of.

We'll be home late tomorrow night, because of the IYSFF event that we attend. I wonder if we need to take our uniform jackets??? Oh, good grief. Marilyn will, I'm pretty sure, in case she appears on stage for the award presentation... Jeff will be there, too. I don't know if anyone else from staff is going.

I must get to bed, so I'll end. I know I'm forgetting things, though.

Fitbit Update: I got more than 7,000 steps today, and Marilyn got more than 6,000. Not bad for a day where we didn't go outside much and were both stuck in front of our computers for most of the day!

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