CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Tired Tonight: Sunday

Fitbit Update: Marilyn got 9,000 steps today, and I got 8,000. Just sayin'...

It was a long day, and we're both tired tonight. And tomorrow starts a VERY busy week!

Marilyn finally made it through the GFP script today. There are a fewholes, but it's close to done now. Good thing, as it needs to go to print tomorrow (ideally). Worse case, it can actually go on Tuesday and have a one day turn-around (we've done it before).

I was STILL doing website updates today (!!!). Hard to believe.

Yes: I usually do a lot of NEWS items during the festival. But today I was doing more page changes. Fleet is FIVE damn pages (!!!), so it took some time. Plus I had to update the Starlight Awards item, to include the Starlight Run results. (Hopefully it pleased Desiree.)

Marilyn and I rode two rides today. The Big Wheel, so we could take photos from up on the ride. Plus the Rockstar, which we both enjoyed, laughing the whole time. (I didn't ride it the first time when Marilyn and Adeena did.)

Vertigo was stopped it mid-air, with around 15 riders. Marilyn and I happened to be walking by, so she called Steven to let him know. He and Bill found us later so they could hear our story. It was actually interesting to see how they got people off. The Funtastic people were good with the riders and professional about dealing with the issue.

Marilyn and I got some beignets at CityFair, and I managed to get powered sugar all over my black logo shirt. Hahaha.

Patty did the crown today. Then we had Hawaiian Ices after. Nice!

Ariel was having an issue with downloading photos from her camera (shades of the issues from last year!), so I had Donn come right in to troubleshoot. Meanwhile, I did get her photos off for her.

Donn and I reviewed his recent invoices -- I need to write to him!

Well, hopefully we're headed to bed soon...


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