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Busy Day at the Festival: Friday

I started my day with yet another low blood sugar incident. Considering I had ice cream before bed, I think I have to 'blame' the quinoa we had for dinner. Look, it's good to be low, just hard to be very low. I was shaking and feeling lousy and confused. Very confused.

I tested my blood, then went to the kitchen and wolfed down a bowl of cereal (I felt like I was starving, which is often true). Then I went back to bed as it was very early...

I was moving slowly when I did get up. And I had to shower and wash my hair because I didn't do that last night. The morning was more than a little annoying!

I get to work and can't find my wallet! Marilyn and I search around, then dash back home and find it in the garage. Back to work -- I've left my external hard drive at home!!! It's very hard for me to function without it, but I just had to today. There was no way we had time to run home yet again. (sigh)

Marilyn tried to get me to stay home today, but I did okay today. In fact, both Marilyn and I had more than 9,000 steps today on our Fitbits, what with lunch and walking to the park.

I did get a bunch of stuff done at the festival website, both during the day and late in the evening.

KPTV 12 did their annual special show about the festival, and Marilyn spoke at one point (great job, as always). Also, they played the feature today about the mini floats for GFP. I was in it quite a bit, even though I never spoke a word. (I was painting like crazy, however... Hahaha.)

Tonight was the VIP Party (Marilyn and I did NOT attend -- we stayed in the office and worked), plus a concert in the RoZone (we went over briefly, but didn't stay long).

I got the GFP script late today, and have barely started to edit it. I'll work on it tomorrow until it's done. Marilyn finished up the Coronation script and is ready to start the GFP script for inside the Memorial Coliseum.

I'm really excited about some of the website changes I made. They really improved the look of several pages.

Have I mentioned there are 16 (!!!) various CityFair pages at the website? That's actually wrong. There at 17! Hahaha. I had to edit every single one today.

Zander (Christine's son) walked with Marilyn and me to the park (CityFair). I gave him some $$$ to eat, as he'd left the money his mom had given him at home. Seriously, I love that kid all to pieces! He's a sophomore in high school, and just the nicest guy ever. I don't know why he'd want to hang out with the two of us, but he stayed right up until his shift sitting in the museum.

Oh, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. Again, it gets so busy it's difficult to remember all the details of a long day!

We were at the office until really late. We got home right around 11:30 p.m. Gosh, it was a long and tiring day...

We both made ourselves peanut butter sandwiches and had some diet Orange Crush, while watching "Jeopardy" (taped). Now Marilyn is sound asleep in front of the TV (on the sofa), and I'm blogging before heading to bed.

Damn leg cramps, by the way! I'm still having them all the time. And now it's worked up into my butt muscle on the left side! So annoying and painful. I was having trouble sitting today. (sigh)

Well, there's a very busy weekend in front of us, so I need to head to bed.

Tomorrow morning is special needs, with autistic children visiting CityFair. All the noisy stuff is toned down, and the kids can move around with other children like them plus their families. It was very popular last year. Eventually it would be nice to make it available to more kids, but it's a rather small group right now.

We did see the lion today at CityFair. They used him to replace all the snakes, reptiles and spiders! Marilyn loves those and was disappointed.

More tomorrow.

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