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Home Again Today: Editing the Grand Floral Parade Script!

So Marilyn and I were talking over whether or not I should remain HOME again today. She was extremely pleased I'd cleaned downstairs yesterday, which made me feel good. I didn't do a ton, but it does make us both feel good when things are more clean and tidy during this busy time.

The deciding factor was that Jillian is almost ready to turn the Grand Floral Parade script over to me for editing. And that's just MUCH EASIER to do here at home. (I did both edits of the Starlight Parade script here at home.) I read aloud while working on it, which is pretty essential when script writing, I think. You want to make sure that the people who will be using the script will appreciate the flow.

(It's also garbage day -- the real deal -- so it's nice to be home to get that done at a reasonable time, rather than in the middle of the night!)

I'd forgotten to tell Marilyn that Barron phoned yesterday to tell me about cousin Linda. When he and I spoke last week he promised to keep me updated on her. She's being admitted at Cascadia, and Marilyn said she was there before (which I didn't know). On the Home page is this quote: "Working for a nonprofit mental health and addictions provider is not for the faint of heart. Our employees take on life’s most difficult issues — joblessness, homelessness, social isolation, severe symptoms of psychosis, depression, addictions, gambling... I am fiercely proud of Cascadia’s staff and my gratitude for their work carries me through every single day." — Derald Walker, Cascadia President/CEO

Hopefully Linda will get some help there. She was bad when I last talked to her, but I can usually get her to calm down and even laugh during our discussions. I just wish she'd call ME more frequently! Anyway, Barron said she was pretty bad when he spoke to her, saying she had nothing to live for and that nobody cared about her or loved her. He (of course) told her it wasn't true, but he was having trouble getting through to her. She told me they've diagnosed her as bipolar, which is a bit of a catch-all thing. It's described as: "Bipolar disorder is characterized by transitions between depression and mania. Obviously various things can trigger that...

All we can do is pray for her (send positive thoughts her way), and be here when she reaches out for us. We try to do that no matter how busy or tired we are, because we love Linda (no matter what).

Sister Sue and I are going to go to lunch today!!! I'm looking forward to that. We haven't done it in just ages.

My blood count has been hovering right around 100 recently -- either below or just above. This morning it was 99. (Tuesday it was in the 70's.) I expected it to be good today, after having quinoa for dinner last night.

The amusing thing? We do eat somewhat 'bad' this time of year! For example, there always seems to be CAKE around the office, for one reason or another. Jillian baked a lovely chocolate cake this week and both Marilyn and I had a small piece. And there was cake brought in last Friday and we had a lot of that. But usually it all balances out because of the high level of exercise everybody is getting! Thankfully Marilyn and I are also making an effort to take in healthy foods regularly -- much more so than in other years.

Well, I'm thinking I'll get another hour of sleep before I start my day...

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