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A Beautiful Day -- Worked at Home

I stayed home today and worked here. No, I didn't end up seeing sister Sue as I hoped. That's okay. We did talk briefly on the phone, anyway. I need to make sure she gets her souvenir programs sometime soon.

And I need to drop these off for my friends June and Jim, too!

So, I did walk up to the corner store to see if they had extra copies of yesterday's The Oregonian (nope).

The weather today was amazing! Such blue skies and so much sunshine! We're supposed to have lovely weather all week long, actually.

I worked on emails and the festival website this morning and early afternoon.

I did a bunch of random taskes, like unsubbing people manually from the festival's eNewsletter. This is always a bit annoying, considering it's not at all complicated for people to go in and unsub themselves! And this woman claimed that she had asked SEVERAL TIMES to be unsubbed. Really??? Believe me, the minute someone asks, I immediately go in and do this for them (it's not hard for me to do). There's NO REASON for me NOT to do it when asked.

I need to show Mariah and Marissa how this is done, as again, it's not hard. And they're the ones who approached me that someone had asked to be unsubbed...

Today I finally started watching the animated movie "Princess Mononoke," which is the story of the last Emishi prince, Ashitaka. He kills a demon that's approaching his village, but while doing so the animal curses his right arm. So he's forced to go into the wilderness alone. What happens is interesting and addresses a struggle between humans and animals. The movie is Japanese, but the version I was seeing is in English.

Anyway, Josie (our seasonal receptionist) loaned me the film ages ago, and I finally figured out how (with Marilyn's help via phone) how to put it on to view it. I didn't finish watching it today, but saw quite a bit of it. It's a fascinating story and beautifully animated. I'm not sure when I'll get to see the end, but I wanted to watch at least part of it. Josie will only be with us until after GFP...

I also did a load of dishes today, plus several loads of laundry (that really needed to get done!). And get this: I cleaned up in the family room, too (plus the stairs leading down there).

I also made a pot of quinoa. So we had refried beans mixed with quinoa for dinner tonight. Yummy and healthy!

Marilyn didn't get home from work until around 9:00 p.m. tonight. So I keep working until she did.

We watched a couple of episodes of "Jeopardy" while eating our dinner. Then we headed for a nap.

Anyway, I'm backdating (as I often do).

What am I forgetting?

Oh! The last of the judging for the Court took place today, and after lunch the panel of judges voted on the Queen. So that's done. The girl who is queen will be announced at the Coronation on parade morning, right before the Grand Floral Parade (inside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Obviously Marilyn had a long and very tiring day, poor thing.

We rented "Interstellar," last night, On Demand. But Marilyn fell asleep pretty early on (no surprise), and I didn't begin to watch it to the end. Nor did we watch more tonight. Maybe tomorrow night...

I need to get to BED. I'm really tired.

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