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Marilyn Was On the Front Page of The Oregonian Today!

So, the main thing I need to mention is that Marilyn was on the FRONT PAGE of The Oregonian newspaper today! Very cool. (As I mentioned on May 22, her article appeared on OREGONLIVE.Com that day. This PRINT version is basically the same article. Except the online version was actually longer and included more.) Anyway, ONE of the many photos that appeared with the online version showed on the front page, so there were a lot of phone calls and emails coming Marilyn's way again today.

(I tried several times to reach our sister Sue so we could talk about it. But that just didn't work out. Hopefully she got my phone message that told her, so she could run out and get a copy!)

Don't get me wrong: Marilyn is ALWAYS quoted in the paper this time of year. It's just another part of her job. And she's had her photo in the paper before, too. But this was really a cool article that focused on her many years with the festival. So I'm very proud of her!

We also found out that there's going to be a segment in the Grand Floral Parade about her 40th year, which will include the Mayor's proclamation declaring June 6 Parade Queen Day in her honor. I want to scan that, but haven't had a chance yet. It's one of those documents that has every line start with Whereas. Hahaha. Very cool! Not many people get their own DAY here in Portland.

I was home this morning and slept in, as Marilyn needed to go EARLY directly to Court judging. They'll be voting TOMORROW for the new Queen. Gosh, it's hard to believe it's time again already!

She came and got me on her way back to the office, as this was my big PA meeting this afternoon (that I always run). It was funny, because Ashely had forgotten to discuss the meeting with me until YESTERDAY, so she was in a tiny panic that I wouldn't have the meeting on my calendar! (I've been running this meeting ever since the 1990's, so there's really no worry that I won't be there, believe me. Still it was sort of cute that she was concerned...)

Ashley finally shared with the people at the office that she's expecting in November. (She had already told Marilyn and me and a few others, but we'd been sworn to secrecy until she was ready to tell others.) I'm glad she's shared, because I DO NOT WANT HER to lift things!!! And she's been feeling unwell some of the time, and now people get it as to why. I'm so happy for her and her husband Levi.

Anyway, the PA meeting went REALLY SMOOTHLY this year!!! Maybe the best ever (that I've attended, anyway). New location and different setup -- which worked remarkably well. I spent a big chunk of today running around gathering freebies to take over there to give each pair running a tower. We do this every year, and usually at the last minute! Hahaha. We had pink mustaches and Rosie posters and on and on.

Yesterday was a very busy day at the office. And Christine and I were working on a bunch of website projects. It's a bit annoying, as normally I would STOP most website work by the time we hit Opening Day (except for News items -- or 'emergency' stuff, like Sponsor-related changes).

I was ready to work on the website late last night here at home, but Christine finished up the page that needed a bunch of changes! I could have kissed her I was so happy it was done! I was really tired last night.

So yesterday (Monday, Memorial Day) late afternoon was the usual Float Maneuverability gig that Marilyn and I ALWAYS attend. But this year it was held at the Funtastic warehouse (which is out on SE 108th Avenue) for the first time -- quite a difference from the old location. It was sweet when we got there that Kendra was nearly in tears because she'd been afraid we wouldn't show because it was so far to drive! But we wouldn't think of missing it.

It was cool to see how far along the floats were and what they look like for this year. And I took some souvenir programs and Team pins along for them. Plus they always have a hot dog roast and share with us -- so that was our dinner last night!

Saturday (May 23) Marilyn and I went in to the office, then down to CityFair with Adeena playing Rosie the Riveter -- she was there to sign the posters of her and give them out free to visitors to our museum. Our crown was also on display at the same time, and Ron (who is on our board) was there to talk to people about the crown. This is the crown first used in 1922 that is what the Queen is crowned with each year. It only comes out for the actual Coronation, as she wears the traveling crown the rest of the year. This crown is far too delicate to be worn for most occasions.

Marilyn and I love to hang out with our friend Adeena. And Christine has been managing the museum again this year -- and doing a great job! So she was there, too.

It's hard to believe what a slacker I've been about blogging, but both Marilyn and I have been so tired! Still, we're hanging in there.

I wish I had our recent Fitbit results, as we've been getting in some steps just with the normal walking we do every day -- especially when we're going back and forth to the park! I got more than 7,000 steps today, and the park was closed. No clue HOW I did that, considering I was mostly just in the office. But that up and down the stairs thing gets crazy this time of year, I guess...

Marilyn is sound asleep as I type this, poor thing.

Did I ever mention that she's currently on antibiotics for her dental issues? She's really been suffering this past week. Having digestion problems and so on. I really feel bad for her.

I'll be home tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a chance to see Sue. I don't know. And I have souvenir programs for both her and my friend June that I'd like to give them. There's a cool column on Marilyn this year... It's weird to have any day that I'm NOT in the office this time of year. But I can actually get a lot done from home when we're talking about the website... I was trying to do something really complicated today, so maybe I can finish that up TOMORROW!

I know I'm forgetting things, considering I haven't blogged since Friday -- and didn't do a good job of it that day! Hahaha. We're just crazy-busy every minute.

I talked to Paul who does our special timed sheets for GFP today. He takes the timed line-up that Marilyn creates and uses some formula to make these sheets for the parade marshals (NOT to be confused with the Grand Marshals!).

Anyway, I need to get to bed. I'm dead tired.

It would be lovely to get some LAUNDRY done tomorrow -- and dishes, too!

I made Marilyn drive home past her BILLBOARD today so we could see it again. (smile) It's very, very cool!

I hope all my friends are doing well!

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