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Mea Culpa? And Miscellany

Greetings, all!

I feel like quoting Nik and saying something like 'She's back' -- considering how long it's been since I last posted!

Marilyn's been on vacation this past week, so we haven't spent all that much time online, truth to tell.

But we did manage to get a lot of things done, including taking her new TV down to the office that we got on a wonderful sale -- and picking up my second-hand 'executive chair' to replace my old one. We had loads of fun.

We even went to the show yesterday (!), which is a big deal for us. (We never seem to go much.) Finally saw "Pirates of the Carribean," which was delightful! We're planning to get the DVD when it comes out on December 2.

My dear friend (and our next-door neighbor) June went down ill this week, unfortunately. So we shared our Thanksgiving Dinner with her and her husband. I'm very worried about her, as this is serious business. She ended up overnight in the hospital, then their annual trip to Condon had to be called off.

Marilyn and I were supposed to be cat-and-house sitting for them while they were gone. We were really looking forward to it, too! They have this amazingly lovely sunroom they built a couple years back, that's attached to their kitchen. It extends into their lovely, park-like back yard and has cable TV with two comfortable, leather recliners! We'll go over to sit with Spooky (the cat) and spend time watching TV while we feed her, play with her and hold her.

It's admittedly quite cold in that room this time of year, seeing as it's almost entirely glass -- except for the brick walls that were formerly the outside of the house. The only heat is what filters through from the kitchen when they leave the sliding glass doors open, which isn't often. (And they have a small standing heater that they don't use much.)

When it's warmer they spend much of their time there. And in spring and summer (and most of the fall) it's their main room aside from the kitchen! Even in the rain or at night it's so lovely to sit there with the beauty of outdoors virtually there with you.

Well, the 'mea culpa' refers to my receiving a much-belated comment via email just now from GJ. I'm a co-mod of Kevin's kevinr sister community to the one he has here at LiveJournal, psp7_beginners.

Someone contacted me -- apparently way back in October -- and made note that I'd posted an entry giving info they had apparently shared in a comment a day or two prior.

Read this line:

Y'know, it's only polite to credit people when you pass on their info.

I still haven't read the comment in question. But the info I had posted mentioned how to find bitmaps at -- which I've personally been familiar with for around a year now! What bothers me is the assumption that I'd be deliberately rude, for one thing. But also that I have the time to read every comment someone makes to that community! (In order to 'steal' advice, I suppose. Right.) It's just bizarre. (grin)

I vented nicely in my reply -- while still saying polite. (At least in my opinion.) The bottom line was for me to suggest that this person contact Kevin and report me. After all, he's the boss there!

Well, Marilyn and I attended OryCon (prior to vacation week) and had a lovely time. Danced and partied and dressed outrageously. There's nothing quite like having many men (and women, too) telling you how wonderful you look!

I had more than one person placing my age considerably younger than the 51 I'm approaching this coming week, by the way. One (very attractive) man had me at 42. Which sister Sue laughing said I should have responded with as, 'Close, but not quite 42 yet.' (Got to love Sue!) I'll take it, considering that's almost ten years younger than I am, after all. (Thanks handsome stranger!)

Not that I mind being 50. Not at all, frankly. But there's nothing wrong with people seeing me and finding my appearance and behavior make me appear far younger. Let's face it, youth is a desirable thing in so many ways. I suppose the fact that I can dance the ass off of many younger women doesn't hurt in the least, of course! (grin)

I need to make Kevin some more wallpapers. He's finally gotten around to tweaking that section at his website, totally replacing what he previously had up. I made him several that he has, but most of them were made by Nik.

He needs more BSB and Nsync. For whatever reason, most of the wallpapers are of Britney Spears. (smile)Both Nik and I are big fans, so I guess it's no surprise, really.

Nik had also made some 98 Degrees and Jessica and Nick. Those are quite nice. I currently have Nik's Justin Timberlake wallpaper on my own computer.

We ran into an old acquaintance at OryCon. (Not sure if I can call him a friend, as we weren't that close to him in the past.) Anyway, while dancing with Ross I discussed the game Civ III. (Marilyn and I have been playing Civ since the original version way back in the early 90's, by the way.)

Ross told me that the upgrade to Civ III had come out a couple of weeks before. (Ross, too, is a huge fan of the game -- which I remembered from the last time we saw him.) So Marilyn and I went and picked it up. Turns out it's an Expansion Pack -- like the ones I have for the Sims.

As I type this Marilyn is playing it next to me, here in our office. It's challenging, to say the least!

We ended up going over one night for the Lloyd Center's 'Magical Night of Giving' on Sunday, November 23. All ticket sales benefited local charities. Then you could show your ticket stub for special sales not available to the general (unticketed) public.

So I got the Civ III 'Conquests' game, as well ($3 off). I'm no where near to as good at it as Marilyn -- and Joey -- are. But I do enjoy playing it! (It's so amazingly hard...)

We stopped at Costco briefly today. I was terribly tempted to buy the lastest Sims Expansion, but managed to avoid it. (smile)

Marilyn goes back to work tomorrow (sigh) -- and I'll take down all our Thanksgiving decorations and pack them away. Hopefully get some house cleaning done that I slacked off on.

Marilyn and I were there at midnight to get our Britney CD. Just like the last time around, by the way. It's amazingly good stuff! I can't wait until she releases her next single -- and it's going to be hard to top the current one!

Anybody else like Honey-Baked Ham's wonderful smoked turkey? That's what Marilyn and I got for Thanksgiving again this year...

I noticed at some point reading here that both Kevin kevinr and Evamaria shirasade read National Geographic. I've been subscribing for years, and my Dad long before me. Be sure to check the Zip Code covered in the September 2003 issue! It was 97210, located here in Portland!

(I just cringe thinking of the stacks and stacks of National Geographics we had to toss out after Mom died. Dad had subscribed to it forever. I have incredibly fond memories of reading it. And of all those maps! I've been giving our maps to my niece Candy's daughter Nicole, who is five. She just adores them!)

Well, long enough for now, I imagine!

Think I'll go play a computer game before we head off for some late-night grocery shopping...

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