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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Seriously BUSY Day: Tuesday 

Yes, I'm backdating, because it's now nearly 2:00 a.m. in the morning. But I want to relate what happened on TUESDAY of this week!

Fairly early on we figured out that I needed to be the photographer to go over to the Hollywood Theatre and take pictures of Spidey (whom we will NOT be calling Spiderman) and the Clown Prince (Angel) -- that we'll use on Social Media to announce our Junior Parade Grand Marshal (who is Spidey). This is because Mariah is out sick, but I really don't mind -- I often end up taking photos for various reasons.

So the question was: How will we get the Hollywood sign of the Hollywood Theatre to show up, as well as the two characters in the foreground? I remembered how difficult that was back in our Centennial year! Marilyn suggested that I shoot the pictures LYING ON MY BACK. No, I'm NOT kidding! Happily I had my camera along with me. Amusingly enough, I'd worn nice pants rather than my usual jeans to work.

Rich goes along and Marissa (who manages the Junior Parade), with Angel (in costume) and me. We're meeting Spidey there. I grab a new, clean flattened cardboard garbage can and off we go! The weather looks threatening, but thankfully it holds! Spidey is NOT in costume and has to change. Then I put the cardboard down and lie on my back and start directing the action. We take several shots.

Meanwhile Rich gets a call from the office. The annual meeting with the photographers that he and I always attend is happening and we're late to attend! We finish up and bid Spidey farewell, dashing back to the office where we have our meeting (they totally understand us being late).

Dick Powers' granddaughter Emma is there, carrying on the family tradition by being one of our NEW photographers!!!

We finish that meeting, then Rich practices his speech where I can both listen and work on my computer at the same time. I get him to slow it down a bit. By 1:30 p.m. we're outside the building at the Salmon Springs Fountain. I've visited with the men fixing the fountain to turn it on tomorrow for the festival! Exciting. Then I shoot photos of the gathering meeting for the Naito Pilot Project (described as a temporary opening of public space and traffic safety during the festival). There are several TV cameras and tons of photographers there -- and I'm right next to the guys from Portland Public Parks.

After that Rich and I go have lunch. Marilyn hasn't felt well in the morning, so she's eaten some yogurt and called it good. Rich and I go to the Turkey Place Deli (I had a tuna sand).

In the afternoon I help with an eNewsletter that Marissa is doing just for the Walk event. She did our actual eNewsletters last year, so she understands when I explain things about the code.

I also work on the website, making a CityFair change (which is tons of pages). I actually dozed off during that for a few seconds! The website is such a pain to work with. I also did News items.

One item was necessary because apparently an entire event we have for June 6 will NOT display correctly! So the only way to link people to it is to have a News item. Good grief. The other item was for Rich's speech for the earlier event...

I also helped Marilyn who was working on her Formation Area Map for the Grand Floral Parade -- but she actually did the work. She's great with graphics, but doesn't remember that software very well because she usually uses Apps on her iPad.

I also caught up on emails, which is a lot of work this time of year!

I should be posting photos, but I'm too tired to transfer them from other sources here to LiveJournal. Facebook had both my photos of Spidey and Angel, plus Marilyn posted a picture Marissa took of me lying on my back to get those photos!!! Hahaha.

Anyway, Marilyn and I were the last ones in the office, leaving at 8:00 p.m. We went shopping to pick up our meds.

I forgot to mention that she went to her dental appointment (without me) this afternoon. The news there isn't good. She currently has a serious infection, so we had to get her an antibiotic to take. Then they discussed the procedures that need to take place for her various dental woes, which are complicated. We're talking what sounds like 10,000 dollars worth of work (or more), so it's going to wipe out our savings. But we're both feeling lucky we can afford it at all. (Yes, that's WITH insurance.) After all, many people simply wouldn't have the money to do the work, period.

We were finally home by 9:00 and watched part of Dancing With The Stars. But I was tired and didn't feel that well, so I went in to lie down. I just woke up now and needed to blog. I also need to take my nighttime medications and to remove my contacts. Marilyn's asleep on the sofa.

We never had dinner...

The next two days are HUGELY BUSY for Marilyn and will be late nights. I'm staying HOME to do my work tomorrow (Marilyn will be way too busy to deal with me -- plus she'll be very late).

Forgot to mention that I had a meeting with Jillian who was back but still not feeling too well, about the GFP script (that I worked on yesterday). She's plugging away on that!

I also met with Ashley and Marissa about the Starlight Parade script, which should be done and given to ME to edit soon. I need 24 hours with it prior to it going to print THIS FRIDAY. (We need it for the meeting next Tuesday that I run -- and obviously Monday is a holiday for everyone besides us!

There's simply no way to convey how insanely busy it is at work right now. But I think the above list of work does give you an idea, anyway.

I'm sure I'm leaving things off that I did...

I'm tired, so I'm going to do my thing and head to bed soon.

I totally forgot to mention being up in the middle of the night LAST NIGHT in order to wash and do our hair! I recall being awake around 2:30 and washing my hair around 3:30. Then I gave in and went to bed at 4:00 and I remember that I heard Marilyn finally going to bed at 5:00.

I forgot (!!!) to bring my morning meds to work with me! At one point I was convinced that Marilyn's meds were mine (!!!), so I took several of HER pills. Good grief. Anyway, I tested my blood at one point WITHOUT MEDS (even those few I took of Marilyn's later) and I was 99! That's amazing. I'm still dealing with lows, clearly. But there's certainly no time now to see my nurse practitioner...

Tomorrow I'm hoping sister Sue and I can have coffee and chat at some point. I will have a lot of work to do in my home office, though. Plus I'd like to clean the kitchen up, do some laundry and maybe even color my hair.

I whacked at my own hair yesterday, as I've given up on getting it cut before the festival. We're going to try and work in a manicure next Saturday, as we both really need one.

And that was Tuesday.

May 20, 2015 (Wednesday) 12:39 pm (UTC)
I knew that you were so busy and I hate to even call and bother you with all you have to do. Poor Candy caught a bad cold on her only vacation in five years. She took six days off, but now feels real bad. She has coughed all night the last two. I could not talk to that man doctor at the lung office so guess I will not get to go to the hospital even for two nights. Just need some of this fluid off so bad but I am taking so many water pills that I wet myself every little bit. What a pain it all is.
I would love to have coffee with you today if you have time, but I am taking Nicole to school late as she had late start today.
May 21, 2015 (Thursday) 10:48 pm (UTC)
I hope you are able to get some sleep!