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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Grand Floral Parade Script -- Formatted! 

Jillian was out sick today, so I offered to help Marilyn. She gave me the task of formatting the Grand Floral Parade (GFP) script -- something I haven't done for ages! It was actually FUN to have the chance to start it this year.

What that means is that I take last year's script and this year's line-up, save it for this year (draft 1) and then plug in each item in entry order. Some things roll over, but most are new. But it IS about how the whole thing is formatted. As I said to Marilyn, I'm pretty fond of this formatting, because I'm the one who originally set it up this way, years back. (grin)

Anyway, it needs to be the SAME on each page, which is NOT as easy as it sounds. There are a number of elements aside from the Copy that describes the actual parade entry. So it basically took me the full day to work on it. Okay, not all day, but much of it.

I want to sit with Jillian and review it and discuss what I did. And explain the things that were done incorrectly last year. (I wonder WHY I didn't FIX that stuff when I did my review??? Oh well.)

I learned three new things about Word (2007). One was how to split a table, which is cool. Another was how to add text ABOVE a table -- which means when you add a table to a page, then plug things into the table, but suddenly decide you want to add TEXT outside and above the table (it's not as easy as you might think). I'm trying to remember the final thing, but it's not coming to me right now... Anyway, I want to create tutorials that explain how, so I can share it with others in the office (in case they need it).

Oh! The third thing is that weird small black square bullet that sometimes appears in the margin next to a paragraph. You see it when the Paragraph button is selected (and for something like the script, I've got it on the entire time). Anyway, it indicates that the paragraph is formatted with the 'Keep with next,' 'Keep lines together,' 'Page break before,' or 'Suppress line numbers' property. So to get RID of it, you have to change those properties...

And THIS is the sort of thing that makes me crazy! Hahaha. Apparently the woman who did the base formatting last year ended up with a SLEW of those squares around, because I was certainly seeing them today! But I've now eliminated them (from both last year's script and the new draft). So that won't happen again (hopefully). Very annoying...

I'm sure if you don't use Word this doesn't mean anything at all to you. Or if you don't have to do any complicated formatting, you might not even get what I'm describing. But for those people who use Word a lot, these can be quite a big deal.

Marilyn had burritos for dinner and I had a brown rice bowl...

We got home around 7:30 tonight. Not bad.

I felt like I was fighting a COLD yesterday. Carol had a sore throat today, and obviously Jillian was home sick. I just do NOT want to actually get sick right now! Opening Day is Friday, and we have a ton of work to get done before then. (It's a huge, busy day, by the way...)

Communications Team Meeting today was crammed with stuff we all need to do. The list is way too long to even start to cover, so I won't try.

Oh! I managed to save the rosecup.com domain that we had let go -- Jeff wanted to save it, and had a good reason. Plus we bought the rosecup.org domain, as well. I spent quite a bit of time on that, so I'm glad it finally worked out.

Meanwhile, we're using TwineSocial at our website for our Social Media page feeds, and need to increase it -- and it's quite a spendy thing. Hopefully I'll learn how to work with it at some point. I probably need additional access, which Fish is reluctant to give me, so far. Anyway...

Hopefully Rich and I can meet tomorrow to go over the various news items we both need to have ready. There's something happening every day now! And in some cases, more than one thing.

Oh! I had issues with my iPhone. I was constantly missing calls -- and people would get weird messages. It appears it's tied to IOS 8 which by default ties your iPhone to all your other Apple devices! How stupid is that??? As I read several times, why not make that an OPTION, rather than a default item? Good grief! Sister Sue has been complaining about it for ages. I thought it was my actual service provider and was ready to bitch them out. No, no. It's just Apple being an ass, as usual.

Oh!!! And Donn showed me an alternative keyboard you can download for your iPad where you can deal with text the way you would on a PC!!! Imagine that! I'm going to try that out, for sure!

I need some sleep, so I think I'll close for today. I'm forgetting things, but what the hell. Marilyn has a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon...

May 19, 2015 (Tuesday) 11:11 am (UTC)
Well I was so pleased that you were able to fix your cell phone. I really thought I had lost my mind when I kept getting that message about you not being set up and all of the other ones I got. Now I feel good that you found the problem and others had gotten those messages too. Of course I call you on your cell much more and on your home phone too so I would find it first perhaps. I could not sleep because I slept so much yesterday being tired after the tournament. Hope I can talk to the nurse at the lung doctor on Wednesday. She does not work on Tuesday or Thursday. Larry my friend to Roseburg just told me about how to clean our shower heads with white vinegar and we need to do it. He did and it made his work perfect like they were new.
May 19, 2015 (Tuesday) 10:45 pm (UTC)
I hope you don't get sick!
You've already done your time for this year!