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Busy with the Festival -- Last Training Session Today

Clearly I haven't been blogging. I'm shocked at myself, but I've just been TOO TIRED to work it in every day.

This morning I woke up having a low blood sugar incident. I've been having a LOT of those lately. I've lowered my Metformin from 1000 (which is where Leslie last had me) to 850 and now back down to 500, which is where I was when I first started to use it.

We had quinoa with our refried beans for dinner last night. I didn't eat anything else with my bowl of food. But we had Skinny Cow ice cream after dinner before bed. Quinoa is honestly excellent for diabetics. I have NO IDEA why all doctors (and people giving classes to diabetics) wouldn't be recommending this food. Seriously.

Anyway, I woke at 5:30-ish and forced myself to test to my blood. This was hard, as all I wanted to do was go BACK TO SLEEP. I was 63, which is very low for me. The chart I checked today said that people with diabetes do NOT want to be lower than 70 for a fasting blood result. This is not the same for non-diabetics, by the way. (A non-diabetic should normally range between 65-105.) I was having all the usual symptoms, which are very hard to describe, but generally include blurry vision, rapid heartbeat, a terrible feeling of fatigue, shaking, sweating, trouble thinking clearly and concentrating and a feeling of hunger. By the way, difficultly sleeping is also a symptom, which might explain why I always tend to awaken when this happens in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Considering serious low blood sugar can cause coma (and even death), I think that's a good thing. Hahaha.

I normally don't like taking sugar as a way to bring me up. It causes spikes, which have bad long term effects, plus it feels lousy to spike after a low. But I just wanted MORE SLEEP, so I grabbed a couple small chocolate candy bars and just gobbled them (hungry as hell), then went right back to bed.

Needless to say, when Marilyn woke me up later to get ready for work, I was still not thinking clearly. I was confused enough to have forgotten I was going in to train my final seasonal person (an intern) this morning! But it's normal, after all...

Anyway, I forced myself up and hurried to get ready so we wouldn't be late. I didn't take my meds this morning, thinking I'd better wait until later.

The training session with Jessica went really well. She's an impression young woman and she asked a LOT of questions. This meant the session went extremely long, though. Both Marilyn and Gail (from our board) commented on it, which only bothered me because I didn't want her to be embarrassed by the added length. I was impressed by her sincerity and eagerness to succeed.

So it was 1:30 (!!!) when we wrapped it up. Yes, we started out with the usual walk to Starbucks with Marilyn, Jessica, Rich and me.

After training Marilyn and I walked to McDonald's to get food and back again (to eat in our office).

I just love ALL the seasonal girls this year! Katie (our volunteer) was there -- and she's so impressive! And Marlo (from last year's Court -- so young!) and Taylor (also a former Princess). At one point I was surrounded by all four girls, who are so sweet with me. (smile)

Anyway, I had a bunch of emails to answer, website work to get down and IT to address, so it was a busy day. By 3:30 I was really wondering WHERE the day had gone to!

Marilyn and I stayed until after 9:00 -- and she finally was able to get her email down to under 200 items, which is WONDERFUL. (She's been dealing with 500 and 600, which is horrible!)

I had Donn in to help set up IT in the park today. Yes, we have 'taken the park' (meaning the festival officially 'owns' Waterfront Park until the end of our run on June 7). This is annually a big deal. I was on numerous calls with Donn, plus I had him there in person, as well, doing additional work in the office. He's coming back on Monday to finish up the work on site.

I also spoke with Kris today about the phones...

Apparently (according to Steven) Christie's email burped yesterday!!! She was afraid to tell me, and understandably so, considering it wasn't that long ago that she and I talked about her getting it under control. Steven helped her to get functional again, but I've no clue how bad it still is.

Plus tonight Carol admitted that she had 'thousands' of emails in her Inbox (!!!).

I really don't know WHAT to do about this situation, as it can potentially screw up the Exchange for EVERYONE. But I need to deal with it carefully. Everyone tends to get tense this time of year, and I really don't want to 'beat anyone up' (even if they're apparently afraid of me).

On the other hand, I don't need a couple of people to cause email issues for EVERYONE ELSE, either! Good grief.

Well, I need to tackle the garbage and recycling (including cat boxes), then wash my hair. I have rolled back the time so this will display on THURSDAY (May 14), but it's actually almost 2:00 a.m. on May 15. So I need to get with it. I'd love to be SLEEPING, but there's no way around what needs to be done!

There's more to report, but maybe I can try and do that tomorrow -- including recent Fitbit updates.

Oh! Yesterday was Adeena's 20th birthday! Marilyn and I gave her a Fitbit. She had seen Marilyn at the office, then stopped by HERE on her way home, and I gave it to her. I was a total mess when she came by, as I'd been dealing with ants for ages. I don't know what I'm going to do. The ants are everywhere and for the second day in a row I had them in the cats' food! (One day upstairs and yesterday downstairs.) More about that later.

I tried to send an email to my contact at EasyStreet today, but I got a message back that there was no such address at the company. I guess Dean (who was high up in the organization and very nice to work with) either was laid off or left. (sigh) I'll need to figure it out TOMORROW for sure...

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