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Crazy, Crazy BUSY Day!!!

Not only did we GO to the St. Johns Parade today, but Marilyn and I actually WALKED IN THE PARADE!!! Who knew that would happen? Long story, but we were supposed to get a photo of the Junior Parade Grand Marshal to use as our announcement. He didn't show at the formation area, so we went the entire parade 'just in case' he showed up during it (he didn't).

Angel (our Clown Prince) had his new scepter! He was great (always is). The Clown Corps was WONDERFUL! I forced Rich to walk with us. We three had on logo shirts, which helped show who we were. Frank was directly behind us. Then the Court. Then the Royal Rosarians. We were right at the front part of the parade!!! My face hurts from all the smiling and smiling, but I loved it!!!

Home and into different clothes so we could go to festival storage where we were involved in the vignette about the new mini-floats that will appear in this year's Grand Floral Parade. Marilyn had a camera there, but she needed to produce this.

Me? I was in non-logo-wear, so I could be someone learning to create floats. I spent my time interacting with the community volunteers -- including two little girls -- AND painting a float (I did close to half the painting by myself).

Carla did a GREAT job today. And Gary (her hubby) is always awesome! And of course Arthur was fabulous.

Home again (right now) very briefly to make ANOTHER clothing change, then head to long-time Board Member Gail's 70th birthday party (at a country club). Originally Arthur (who was at the filming) said: "You look cute the way you are!" Then I said, "It's at a country club." And he said, "You need to change." And we both laughed.

I need to go touch up my make-up and off we'll go.

Our billboards are up everywhere! Saw a few today while out and about.

My feet are VERY, VERY SORE tonight from all the walking. And even my hands hurt. But we'll survive this. Then we'll get home and start talking about TOMORROW. Hahaha. It's that time of year!!!

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