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Good News: Jim Jim is Doing Well!

I was in touch with my friend June this evening, and the GOOD NEWS is that her son Jim Jim had his surgery and is doing well, thank God! The pain is much better. I'm so happy for Jim Jim -- and June and her husband Jim, too!

I'm going to keep this short.

Was unable to see sister Sue (again) today. She's just not doing at all well. It's hard to go so long without seeing her. Anyway, I continue to pray that she'll feel better. And it was nice to talk, anyway.

Marilyn came home to get me so we could go Equestrian Workshop together, held in Canby, Oregon. It's often held right around this time of year. (It was on May 6 in 2011 and May 7 in 2010, to name two years.) It ran REALLY LONG (!!!), so we were glad to finally get home and have dinner.

We're both TIRED tonight. I was supposed to try and REST today, but I needed to do some things for work in the morning. Then I needed to finish up the garbage that I didn't get to yesterday (including the cats boxes). Actually, I got quickly in and out of a shallow bath to warm my poor sore feet, then was just falling asleep when Sue called. She was originally going to take me to work so Marilyn wouldn't have to. Anyway, I emailed Marilyn and as I was again starting to drift off, she called me. She was coming to get me right away, so I jumped up to get ready to go.

Tomorrow is a SUPER BUSY DAY. We have activities running almost on top of each other! The St. Johns Parade is the first thing. Then taping a vignette for the Grand Floral Parade. And we'll go directly from there to our friend Gail's birthday party!

There's a TON of walking involved. We park in St. Johns and walk all the way over to Roosevelt High School to the parade formation area, where we interact with festival people and the Royal Rosarians. Then we walk BACK into St. Johns to see the parade. And finally back to where we park the car. We should get a bunch of steps in.

I can't do a Fitbit update, because I don't know our steps. Marilyn had around 7,000 the last I heard. And I was more than 4,000 (but not much more). I guess that's close to an update, anyway.

We need to GO SHOPPING for some essentials.

I need to do some laundry.

I need to set up my pills (again), which takes ages.

But right now I must go to bed. I'm dead on my feet.

Hope all is well with all my friends!!!

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