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Tired. Same Song, Different Day.

Yeah, yeah. I'm a broken record! But there's so much WORK to be done, and we just have to really stick to it...

By the way, Marilyn is every bit as tired as I am. So it's not just me!

I felt bad to miss City Hall today, but actually GLAD to stay home! I had so MUCH work to do, that I needed to really be able to FOCUS on it. I got a bunch of festival website stuff finished up, including the PA Location tweaks from Gordon (that was a lot of work!).

And I re-did the banner I'd made for the Starlight After-Party, to include our Sponsor, Lyft. I had to remake the base from scratch, as I hadn't kept it previously. The thing is, I thought somebody would make a 'real' banner to replace mine -- which I believed would be temporary! So I didn't bother to make and keep it. Then I didn't recall what FONT I'd used to make it! And I did it at the office originally, so I had to Remote in and go through a bunch of fonts to reason it out. And naturally I didn't have the font installed here at home, so I had to get it from the office, send it here and install it to proceed... (That's an example of how my day went.)

I also had to take some videos for Christine's PowerPoint, find a way to download them from online, then convert them to the correct format AND finally I had to cut them to the proper size. That 'little' task took me HOURS -- and I only finished up a portion of the long list she gave me! (sigh)

One of those videos just would NOT cut. So I had to pull it into MovieMaker and clip it there. It didn't render all that nicely, but at least it's approximately the correct size...

Lots of quinoa [keen-wha] again today. I ate it for breakfast and Marilyn and I had 'bean-wha' for dinner. Instead of tacos, we just ate bowls of the beans and quinoa mixed together. We love it! And I had a brown rice bowl for lunch...

Still sore, but I felt better today. The pain isn't quite as bad as it has been.

Never even talked to sister Sue today -- so needless to say, I did NOT go out to get hair color. But I found some I'm going to use. My plan was to color tonight. But I didn't quite get that done! Marilyn said she'll come home to get me tomorrow, so I can do it in the morning. How sweet is that of her???

Anyway, tomorrow is our Board Meeting. The PowerPoint should be close to done. Christine is using the same PowerPoint that Jeff used for today's presentation, with the addition of the stuff I've been helping her with! Forgot to mention that we had an 'ad' created by one performer that was sideways, and I managed to get it straight for her to embed...

Kris came in with the equipment and did step one of his install in the IT Room. I now need to get Donn in there to help finish up part of it! And Kris back to finish up the rest. (sigh) But it's started, at least!!! We need some rails that Kris has yet to buy. I'll need to nag to make sure that happens right away.

Kris also said that a new piece of equipment might improve our phone issue, so he's going to take care of that for us, too.

What am I forgetting? Every day is so PACKED with stuff that it's hard to remember it all.

Anyway, off to bed! I've got a big day tomorrow!!!

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