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PSP 9 Tutorial and Playing Catch-up!


I finally finished one of the many (many) Paint Shop Pro tutorials I've been working on. (sigh) Those interested can view it here

It takes this image:
Original - SMALL
And makes it into this:
Finished - SMALL

(Basically I was fooling around with a free plugin I had and I discovered it made a nice framing effect...)

I need to test it now and see if it needs much tweaking to become a version 8 tutorial. (grin) Then I'll have to decide if I want to convert it for version 7 or not. (So much work as a rule, especially considering I almost never open PSP7 these days...) I've got some really good tutorials I've started, but as it takes so long to finish one, it's not surprising how many lie around waiting on me. (smile) I was talking to Marilyn mistressmarilyn about it again last week -- how I constantly start an entry to share here, then let them sit on my hard drive unposted. Bad habit...

I want to talk more about last week, including going to the GFP party on Thursday night. (The party falls in the category of my resolution to be more social this year.)

And I just need to update about life in general. (Including how things are going with sister Sue.) I've honestly been pretty tied up lately off line. But being busy is a good thing, right? (smile)

Had a nice lunch with friends yesterday! (Again, that falls in the category of more social interaction!) Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the lovely Valentine's I received! (Always a good thing!)

It's colder than a witch's tit here currently. Very strange for Portland, Oregon in mid-February, I can tell you!

Hopefully more soon...

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