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A Busy and Painful Day

So, I had very much planned to go to the office today. Christine and I were taking a webinar together from Inflow for our Shoretel phone system. But I was really miserable and just decided to work from home. Marilyn agreed with me.

Super busy day from the very beginning. I ended up still working when Marilyn finally got home at 8:00-ish. She had a very busy and extremely intense day. I think that's pretty much a given right now, and hard for us to avoid.

Win for today? We needed to be able to download a YouTube video -- then clip out part of it, and convert it to the .wmv format, so it could be embedded in a PowerPoint presentation. I'm pretty proud that I not only did this, but I managed it in under 15 minutes. Christine needed it for the PowerPoint she was doing for Jeff. She kept saying how amazed she was that I did it in 15 minutes, and saying she'd spent 15 minutes just hunting for a photo she needed.

I also sent her MY instructions for doing the embedding, which I went into and tweaked for PowerPoint 2007 (these were originally for PP 2003). I need to let everyone know were the instructions are, for future reference...

By the way, one of the reasons this was a big deal is that it's not easy to download an YouTube vid, or to convert it, either. Originally Josie wanted to know of a free and simple video editing software. Anyway, I jumped in because it's not a simple task, and it needed to be done quickly. There was really no time for Josie to learn how to do it...

Christine and I did waste some time on the webinar. It was about version 14 of the software, and we're at 12. Currently that is the best we can do, as our Phone Server won't support higher, because of our OS. We're stuck with SBS 2003 until AFTER the festival. Then we'll only be able to reformat and install SBS 2008, as our Server is too old for a better OS. There's much more to discuss on this subject, but I'm currently sick of thinking about it, so I'll drop it for now...

I spent quite a bit of time on the phones today, interacting with Josie, Christine and Nick from Inflow. We didn't get very far, but I hope to bring Kris into the mix...

Oh! Here was a pain I had to deal with today: I was trying to buy my extra icons (userpics) in the middle of the night last night. So I discover that my VISA has expired. I don't know what happened to my new card. So today I call VISA and find out my new card should have arrived in March! The process takes a bunch of time. And he asks me my mother's maiden name, right? I give it, and he says it's WRONG!!! Seriously? Then I have to do this lengthy question and answer thing to prove I'm me. And I won't have a card until it arrives. I did send it to the office, anyway, as I have to think it might have been taken out of our mail here at home. The whole thing is a big pain, but he was great to work with (clearly East Indian -- very nice and kind).

I have piles and piles of website work to do. I barely got a start today.

Sister Sue and I considered going to lunch, but neither of us felt like it. She's struggling with breathing. And my arthritis flare-up is quite painful. Today it was my hands, feet, right hip AND my left knee. And I had a terrible headache all day long, too. I ate an Amy's meal for lunch.

Marilyn came home sick during the day, then had to rush back to work, poor thing. After work she had her hair appointment.

I need to do something to my hair -- it looks awful. Maybe Sue can take me to get hair color tomorrow...

I was supposed to go to work, as we're going to City Hall tomorrow (we go every year). But I think I need another day at home. I was so damn busy today that I never got a hot bath OR a nap. I worked all day with barely a break.

I did take some time to water some plants, though...

Robin told me today that she and Christie couldn't get PDF attachments. So I was on the Server adjusting things to try and fix that. She got the PDF I sent her, so I guess what I did worked. What a pain...

I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen today -- it was a mess. And I cooked a pot of quinoa. Soon I'll have that down. But first I tried rinsing the dry quinoa, which was a huge fail. It's so small you probably would need to put it inside cheesecloth or something -- even a tight sieve doesn't work. It was a mess, anyway. But I did get it cooked.

We had what we've decided to call 'bean-wha' for dinner. Hahaha. (Quinoa is pronounced keen-wha, for those who don't know. Which is where the bean-wha comes from.) Today is Cinco de Mayo, so I thought we should have refried bean tacos. Our bean-wha is refried beans mixed with quinoa, ehich is thick and yummy, as well as healthy. So much less messy to eat, too. We heat the shells in the oven until they're toasty, then add taco sauce, the bean-wha, some diced tomatoes and a sprinkle of grated cheese. A pretty easy dinner to cook, really (especially with the quinoa cooked in advance).

Speaking of quinoa, I heated a bowl of it this morning, then added cinnamon, stevia and low fat milk. It was quite tasty! Cinnamon has a bunch of healthy things going on with it, and so does stevia! We should try to have both on a daily basis. At some point I'll go into the benefits of both.

By the way, even with my pain, which often raises my blood sugar levels, I was 75 this morning. Everything is interesting right now. Lows made sense when I was getting all those steps, but the last couple of days I haven't had many steps... Quinoa is great for diabetics, though. The same is true for cinnamon and stevia.

So: Why the hell don't doctors recommend these things??? I love quinoa. And who doesn't like cinnamon?

Well, I could literally be working right now, I've got so much waiting to get done. But I'm too sore and tired to care (shock). I'll get back to it in the morning.

I need to catch up with FRIENDS! I need about four more hours in a day (at least). Where does the time go???

Boy, do I need a soak in hot water... Just OUCH. What a big baby... (sigh) It seems like the harder Marilyn and I try to be healthy, the more issues we have to deal with. I don't know ehat more we could do. We're eating much better. We're getting more exercise (daily). We're getting far more sleep. We're making sure we take our medications and supplements. We're hydrating better. What else can we do?

Obviously we have to work long hours right now. And we work hard to deal with the stress, but we certainly can't avoid it. I just don't know.

Well, good night all. Wishing you all the best!

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