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Monday at the Festival Office

Well, I'm backdating this, because I had a lot to say for Monday...

I went in suspecting we might have IT issues, after everything that happened on Saturday. The phones weren't doing too well, unfortunately. But it's hard to know if that still goes back to the original outage from the previous weekend, or is new to this weekend...

I didn't have problems related to email or internet access, thankfully. But there were other things to deal with.

It started with the entire contents of the 2015 Starlight Parade folder not being there. There should be multiple subfolders, all filled with numerous files. It's a MAJOR and important loss of information, in other words. Marissa had gone to Christine for help (I have no clue why she didn't come directly to me.) Anyway, Christine had started a search and couldn't find the subfolders. I told them both not worry, there was a chance I could fix the loss.

First I had to tell Ashley what had happened. She hadn't been in those folders that day, personally. And, no, I can't track who 'lost' the contents. I have ideas about it, but it really doesn't matter. This wasn't about blame -- it was about finding the missing work.

I learned a method many years back that I haven't had to use recently, but I gave it a try and brought back a 'version' of the original folder. I wasn't able to restore the work that had happened that morning, but Marissa was so happy to get things back, she didn't seem to mind at all that her recent efforts were lost.

That was a big 'win' for me, I have to say. Then Christine contacted me about another missing folder -- the 2015 Volunteers folder. So I went on a careful search. The other folder was different, because I had the folder in front of me to work with -- it was missing contents. But in this case, I had nothing. So I needed to find something, instead.

It was a hard search, but I did discover where it was, and I brought it back where it belonged. Christine had admitted that she clicks and drags, and I wish she could stop. This was absolutely a click and drag problem. Anyway, again I was pleased to fix the problem. It's satifying when your work resolves a big problem. And with IT, you don't get many big wins...

Aside from that, Carol found a strange error at the website that I researched, then 'discussed' (via email) with Brit and her crew at Fish. David fixed the problem (it was their mistake), thankfully.

I did a bunch of other website work, too. There's been a lot to get done, which is no surprise.

Marilyn and I came home and had something to eat. After dinner, I got sick and was throwing up. I was tired and didn't feel well, so I went in to lie down for a nap.

Lately when Marilyn and I lie down for naps, we fall asleep and just don't wake up again before midnight. So I might not blog in time, or we might not get our steps (what we want). There are a lot of things we do late at night, and if we sleep late, those things don't happen -- or happen really late, like at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, or even later.

We both find this frustrating, especially when we want to get more steps. But we're TIRED right now, so SLEEP is important. Regardless, we don't seem able to wake up as we usually would, so we have to live with it.

Aside from blogging and doing the treadmill (or just extra walking around), Frequently I don't end up removing my contacts and taking my night time meds when I should. I need to try hard to get my meds around the same times each day, morning and night. But it's not always easy. And it's not a good thing to forget to take out my contacts. Yes, you can sleep in the type of contacts I get. But my eye doctor doesn't want me to do that. For eye health, he thinks you need to let your eyes 'breathe' every single night. And I try to be very good about that, of course.

We both shower at night, and when we wash our hair, we do that at night, too. So it's a pain when we don't get it done. This is also when we do laundry and other household tasks. We're working every day of the week now, so nights are the only time we have to do whatever needs doing.

I'm struggling with this damn arthritis flare-up. I have pain in both my hands, which is mostly the joints of my fingers. My right wrist is painful, too. Then I've been having a LOT of pain in my feet -- my toes have been so sore I can't stand to wear shoes that cover them. Just walking is really painful. Finally, my right hip has been terrible. I've had issues with both hips since 1990, so it's nothing new. But gosh, it's been miserable lately! Even when I'm just sitting, or lying down.

Leslie (my nurse practitioner) has treated previous flare-ups with steroids, but it hasn't been that long since I last had them. So I would imagine she'd be reluctant to give them right now. And considering the side effects, I don't really want them, anyway. I think I just have to suck it up and suffer through it. Constant pain is lousy, no doubt about it. But a lot of people live with it, after all. It does mess with your mood, though, I'm afraid. No matter how hard I try to just ignore it, that's pretty difficult. Oh well.

I don't want to be a whiner. Anyway...

And throwing up sucks, too. My stomach was really sour and bothering me after that.

I'm forgetting things, but what the heck...

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