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Sunday, Sunday: IT and the Blessing of the Festival.

What a BUSY weekend! Good grief!

Today I went in with Marilyn to the office to meet Donn and help him with the IT Room project that needed to be done. The goal: Power down the Servers, then unplug everything in the room and plug it back in differently. We use certain power devices, but it's really too complicated to fully explain here. Anyway, this was a temporary fix, until Kris can get the new (expensive) equipment and do the long-term (permanent) fix.

We thought this would take a couple of hours at most, but it did NOT go to plan at all. I was trying to reach Kris for some time to help us, then finally did, thankfully.

What Donn did with the IT Room is nothing short of amazing! It looks wonderful. It's organized the way it should always have been. I love order. I love to organize things as much as possible, so this very much speaks to me.

But after finishing this work, we could NOT get back on the internet. We were pinging internally, but without the internet we have no email -- ans email is the most important thing for us to function. Far more important than our phone system, for example.

Kris got on immediately with Integra, opening a ticket. I was worried that it was an equipment issue, which seemed to make sense, in spite of the fact that we had checked and re-checked everything. It didn't appear to be an internal issue. And as it turned out, it wasn't!

I finally decided to leave arond 3:30, because Marilyn and I neede to get home to get ready for the Blessing of the Festival, which was this evening. We got home by a quarter to 4:00, and had a bite to eat. We were pretty out of food, so Marilyn ate her leftover sandwich, and I made myself a butter sand (some bread and butter, in other words). I had a short nap between four and five (not quite an hour), then washed and did my hair. We made it to the office by a quarter past 6:00, then Marilyn, Jeff and I walked together to the downtown church where the event was being held.

I took photos during the event, which turned out nicely. Frank (our friend and current festival president) did a great job (with the speech Marilyn wrote, which was excellent).

After that Marilyn and I stopped at McDonald's on the way back to the office, to get sandwiches and something to drink -- we were both really dry. They were packed and under-staffed, so it took ages. I had a nice conversation with a woman there, and Marilyn chatted with a young. We were getting attention because we were in our uniforms.

Back at the office I wanted to test the phones. I couldn't do that earlier, because there were down because of no internet. Everything seems fine, but we'll see how it goes in the morning. I'll need to be there first thing, just in case...

We stopped at the store coming home and picked up a few items. I wanted to try quinoa (which is rather expensive), so we got a small bag. (For those who don't know, it's pronounced keen-wha.) We decided to make refried bean tacos, so we got taco shells and fresh tomatoes (we had the beans).

I cooked whe we got home, making a pan full of refried beans, and a pot of quinoa. When I constructed the tacos, I mixed beans and quinoa together. This has the wonderful effect of thickening the beans just perfectly! Plus quinoa is high in protein, and has no gluten. It's considered a super-food, but I'd never even heard of it until recently. The tacos were yummy, anyway, so we'll be eating more quinoa in the future. When I think how long I've been looking for something to thicken beans without altering the taste, this seems like a miracle.

We actually watched "Revenge" tonight, which we haven't done in weeks!

June sent me an email and iMessage. I'll keep you all updated on Jim Jim as we go along...

I hope sister Sue had a good weekend!

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 11,400 steps today. I only did 8,639 steps. Marilyn did the treadmill. Good for her! I could be unhappy with my results, but at one point today I thought I wouldn't get any steps, so I'm happy with what I got.

Anyway, we're continuing to get a bunch of exercise, plus we're eating better and sleeping more. It's all good. I think this is great, considering how busy we are at work right now!

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