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Festival Work and Cinco

Both Marilyn and I are VERY tired tonight. She put in over a 12-hour day today. She left the house early to head to KPTV for the filming of one of the Grand Floral Parade vignettes. During a Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Canada, our past president (and friend) Mark collapsed and (for all intents and purposes) DIED. He had a doctor right in front of him on the course, and a nurse behind him. They went to him and performed CPR for 15 minutes, until an ambulance could arrive, bringing him back and saving his life.

This morning via Skype the doctor, Jack, and Mark, met face-to-face for the first time, while a TV camera taped them. Dr. Jack's message is that people should learn CPR. Mark's message is about people getting healthy (he's now a vegetarian). And at the festival, we believe Mark might not be alive if this hadn't happened during that race, with the doctor and nurse right there. He was running the race because of the festival's Rock 'n' Roll Portland Half Marathon (lots of people will go from place to place to run more of the Rock n Roll series). Marilyn got the whole thing organized, the sat with Mark's wife while the filming took place. The doctor said it was miraculous -- very few people survive this sort of heart incident, apparently.

I saw Mark recently, and he's doing well. He's not running the Rock 'n' Roll race this year, though -- probably needless to say. His doctor said he could, but his wife said no! His first race since his heart attack will be the one in Canada again -- and he's running it with Dr. Jack.

It's such a wonderful story! Mark is one of the festival's talking points this year.

By the way, Marilyn and her 40th Anniversary is one of the festival's talking points, too. Celebrating strong women and female leadership is another focus this year, which includes our Rosie the Riveter character for our Living History program, played by friend Adeena. Speaking of Adeena, she and I were iMessging for a nit today...

They were painting the lines in our parking lot today. Necessary, but a pain. Thankfully it was dry by the time Marilyn came home (after the filming this morning) to pick me up to head to the office.

We were at the office alone for a bit. Then Ashley came in to work. And later Carol came in. Most people were writing for the souvenir program, which is on major deadline. Except for me. I was doing website work.

I managed to reason out embedding music on the Sing-off page. WordPress does this differently than a normal website was, so after trying the usual way (which didn't work), I had to do research to get it to work.

At 5:30-ish, we went over to Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. We three (Marilyn, Carol and me) all had VIP wristbands (rubber bracelets), so we got in for free. We wanted to see the sombreros event -- they made a world record of the most people in one place wearing sombreros! We were too late to participate (even though they'd said on their website that this was taking place at 6:00). But we took photos, and after that Marilyn and I got free sombreros and wore the them the rest of the time.

Carol needed to pick up passes for the festival, so I helped her carry the boxes back to the office. She went back to work, but Marilyn and I went back to Cinco to get something to eat. We also had margarittas. But our burritos weren'y very good. Oh well. We heard some performers and were silly and laughing and had a good time. We didn't stay long, but it was a nice break.

Then we headed back to the office again.

I guess we left arond 8:30 or so to come home, getting here around 9:00. We had both planned to do the treadmill to finish our steps, but we were SO tired, we set an alarm and went down for naps. The alarm went off at 11:00, but we were so damn tired that we decided just to go back to sleep...

I did iMessage with my friend June. Things are very bad for her son Jim Jim who needs surgery on his back. It sounds very complicated, and he's in terrible pain, plus June and Jim keep driving back and forth to be with him and help him. Marilyn and I are praying very hard for all three of them. (Please send your good wishes and prayers their way, thanks.)

Both Marilyn and I planned to wash our hair tonight, aside from getting our steps. But it's going to have to wait for morning now...

We'll probably go back to the office tomorrow. Plus the Blessing of the Festival is tomorrow evening. (It's going to be hard tomorrow to get our steps in...)

I could barely blog tonight. Wow, I'm tired. Not sure why, as I did get to sleep in a little this morning. But I guess it's because I've been having so much trouble sleeping. I woke up at 7:00 a.m. again with leg cramps (so often it's around 7:00 when the cramps wake me up). Then I have to get up and walk off the cramps before I can go back to bed.

I'm dealing with the pain. I can't stand to put on enclosed shoes right now, because my toes are so sore. Hmm. I wonder what I'll wear to the Blessing...

By the way, the weather was STUNNING again today! So beautiful! Really like a summer day. Good luck for Cinco, that's for sure.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 7,942 steps today. I did 9,854 steps. Again, sometimes we just can't make 10,000 steps in a day. This was one of those days...

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