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Busy Friday at Work

I'm very tired tonight. I think partly because I've been having trouble sleeping. The pain isn't horrible, don't get me wrong. I'm adding pain meds to the mix now and then, but trying not to use all that much. It's enough to both keep me awake, and wake me when I do sleep. But even so, I'm hanging in there. In fact, I'm pretty proud of how well I'm doing.

Anyway, we went to work today. We started things by meeting with the rep from Lyft, who brought us all pink mustaches. It was a very fun start to the day.

I had another IT situation today. Another one of the big battery/surge protectors units was going out. After talking to Kris, it turns out that this was originally the unit he dealt with! He didn't know it was a different unit that died on us. I reset the unit. But I'm counting the days until the new equipment comes in. Kris ordered it, and hopes it will get here by Wednesday. Worse case, it won't arrive untill two weeks from today (!!!).

I worked on website again today, tweaking and re-working and tweaking some more. Hopefully the CityFair wristbands/tickets are done for this year. I find it amusing that this was always hard with the old website, but was much more complicated this year. I'm just sitting here laughing about it.

The weather today was STUNNING! So beautiful! Just super-blue skies. Like a summer day. I didn't wear a jacket at all today.

Marilyn and I walked to Starbucks this morning. Later we walked out to lunch, as well. Aside from getting coffee and food, it's all about the steps.

She had a long meeting with two amazing African American women, that lasted two and a half hours. Long meetings are hard for Marilyn with her busy schedule, but she said it was a wonderful experience.

Donn is buying three surge protectors so he can set things up in the IT Room to hold off until Kris can do his thing. Donn's coming in this weekend to do the work.

Marilyn and I are going to work tomorrow. Marilyn needs to finish up her writing for the souvenir program, which goes to print on Monday. I had to take photos of the 2015 wine labels today for the program, using my camera. I also took the pictures of this year's treasure hunt medallion that we'll use for several things, including the program.

Brown rice and veggies for dinner. Marilyn also had an Amy's meal. We've still been eating pretty healthy.

Marilyn and I went for another walk in the park when we got home from work. Our neighbor Estelle talked to us both last night and again tonight when we were out to walk. Yesterday she mentioned that she was considering getting a Fitbit, too.

I'm liking my current book, "The Keeper of Dawn" (by J.B. Hickman). He's a wonderful writer, and I'm really enjoying this read. I highly recommend it.

Heard from my friend June via iMessage this morning (and sent her an email today). I hope to hear more about her son Jim Jim -- and how she and husband Jim are doing, too.

Sister Sue went to a cribbage tournament today. Hope she's doing okay. (She hasn't been feeling all that well lately.)

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 10,300 steps today. I did 12,027 steps. That's the best I've done for days. Sometimes it's not possible to make 10,000 steps in a day, but that's become our goal -- and it's really helping to make us stronger.

Work tomorrow, so bedtime needs to come soon...

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