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Phones at Work, Festival Website and More

Again, I'm tired tonight. Marilyn is, too. She's sound asleep on the sofa as I type this, poor thing. She had to deal with a lot of drama today, along with all her tons of work.

Right now I'm dealing with some kind of arthritis flare-up in my hands and feet (plus my right hip). My TOES are really killing me. And my fingers just ache like mad. But I'm functioning as best I can. AND I'm still trying to get some steps in, even if I can't do 10,000 right now. The pain really elevates my blood sugar, too, which was pretty high this morning (140+) -- and back way back down again during the day (to 81).

Today Marilyn was at our event at the Rose Garden Store that celebrated our 15-year anniversary of our partnership there with the City of Portland. (I still need to do the website News item about this.)

I was going through some stuff at my home office desk today, and found some cool items. Like a description of everything that happended when Marilyn got her FIRST house:

First saw her house for sale on Saturday, August 4 (90), while we were headed to the track to fast walk 4 miles.

Went through her house during the open house on Sunday, August 5 (90) -- took Dad through that day.

Made a bid (Marie D. present) on Monday, August 6 (90). She bid $31,005.00 (Dad advised 31,000 -- Mom suggested an odd number) -- earnest money of $1,000.00 entered with bid. Mom saw the house outside that morn. & inside late that afternoon.

Got news of winning bid on Tuesday, August 7 (90), around 4:30 pm.

Received papers from HUD in the mail Thursday, August 9 (90).

Cool, huh?

And this:
Sauvie Island Mileage

Miles 1-6....first half, before stop sign, miles marked
Miles 5-6....llama place, lawns
Mile 7.......just before house on right, 35 mph sign
Mile 8.......clump of houses on right w/fences - just before sheep house
Mile 9.......past curve w/fields on both sides, 40 mph sign with right arrow
Mile 10......past houses with big fenced yards, just past deep field on right
Mile 11......on curve before Kruger's farm (Kruger's driveway at 11.2)
Mile 12......on downhill, past "Slow" sign (Sam's Grocery at 12.4)

Originally emailed to me on March 24, 2003.

My main focus today was a big issue with our phone system. I had to call Inflow, the company who originally provided our system, and now provides maintenance for it. And Kris was in the mix, too (he's a phone expert). This took hours of my time, anyway. Christine and I spoke several times.

Plus today I did a complicated change to our at the festival website involving CityFair ticketing (which includes ride wristbands). I still need to tweak it some, but I did get it started, anyway. Ironically, the 'help' we got from Fish just didn't cut it -- so we'll use my method, instead. (Sorry, David and Brit.)

Sister Sue and I talked several times. We had planned to maybe have lunch, but with my IT problems, there just wasn't time. We did discuss her seeing Dr. Young today, though. Looks like she can't get oxygen, because it wouldn't be covered by insurance. But she might get a walker and start using it. She has cribbage this weekend and leaves first thing tomorrow (Friday).

But we were both tired today, so even though we talked about lunch, we didn't go. Maybe soon.

I talked to Kris several times today, this time about the phone situation.

Brown rice and veggies for lunch, and for dinner, too. Marilyn had an Amy's fiesta bowl for dinner.

But the minute Marilyn got home from work, the two of us went for a long walk in the park, to get some steps and chat.

Donn and I need to change our ways about how we talk to each other in the office. We're both way too loud. Anyway, we're going to work on it. You're never too old to change your ways and improve, after all.

Oh, Candy's still suffering from her bite from Chubby the cat. I remember well how bad a cat bite can be, as years ago I got some really serious bites on my hand.

Can't think what I'm forgetting, and I'm too tired to care...

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 10,106 steps today. I did only 7,938 steps. Anyway, Marilyn's seven-day is around 84,000 today, and mine is 74,000. I was dealing with a ton of pain today. So frustrating. So, again, even though I didn't get my 10,000 steps today, I'm averaging more than 10,000 for the past seven days. That's fine.

Today is garbage day -- so I really need to get in and go do the garbage and recycling (including cat boxes)!!!

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