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Tired Today.

I'm tired tonight. In fact, I was tired today. I had a problem with leg cramps last night and didn't sleep well.

I'm sure these constant cramps are related to the increased exercise, plus working to balance everything. Interestingly, I've been prone to leg cramps since childhood, so it's certainly nothing new for me. But, wow, I've had some doozies! Ouch.

And it sucks when it messes with my sleep, but oh well.

Speaking of sleep, I was cranky and tired, so in the afternoon, I just took a nap, which made me feel much better.

I worked on my email today. And did something cool on the festival Server (working Remotely). I set the Exchange Server to reject ZIP attachments. We get just TONS of SPAM at the office. In fact, this time of year we face cyber attacks. Great to be popular, huh? Hahaha. And loads of it contains ZIP files. So I set the Exchange to reject these -- and to send a rejection message to the sender. If someone is actually trying to send a real zipped file, the message tells them to contact the person being emailed. I also set the Exchange to recognize a certain CODE in the Subject line, then allow the email to come through.

Not only did I do this, but I wrote up detailed instructions on how to do it. So I can actually teach Donn how to do it, or edit this rule. Very cool.

Yesterday I did the complicated change to our ticket page at the festival website. And today I started writing up the tutorial on HOW to do it. As complicated as it is to do this, it's way more complicated to write it down! I was pretty frustrated. I kept starting and stopping, then coming back to it.

I haven't seen sister Sue for ages now. But we were both tired today, so even though we talked about lunch, we didn't go. Maybe soon.

I talked to Kris several times today and confirmed the changes for the IT Room. So we'll get the new rack and other equipment (full cost around $1,853). This should have happened when we moved in to this new building in 2010, so it's about time. He plans to have everything by next week, and install it one evening.

I also talked to friend Barry several times. The whole thing is confusing. It had seemed that Barry needed laptops with Win XP to use with the Pace Car software. But an email from his son Tary indicated they wouldn't need the two laptops I gave Barry. Barry has Parkinson's, so I understand he can become confused. I get confused enough without that excuse... Anyway, he didn't seem upset, and I assured him there was no rush to reason it out.

Left a message for my friend Rob, who had called Marilyn. Such a nice guy! I love him and his partner Jeff.

Brown rice and veggies for lunch. And some leftovers for dinner. I was hungry, so I just ate some brussels sprouts for a snack.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 15,156 steps today. I did only 7,023 steps. I was just so tired and sore that I couldn't do more. I guess some days I just have to let it go. Anyway, Marilyn's seven-day is around 85,000 today, and mine is 74,475. So even though I didn't get my 10,000 steps today, I'm averaging more than 10,000 for the past seven days. I'll live with it.

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