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IT Issues and Training Two New Staff Members

Around 2:00 a.m. last night Marilyn told me she wasn't getting festival emails, and she thought the Server might be down. I went upstairs thinking maybe it was just the Exchange. But when I tried to Remote in, I couldn't. So it was clear the Server was down. Further, it was a good guess that the equipment that was failing recently had actually failed entirely.

Carol notified me first thing in the morning, then Steven contacted me shortly after. Considering I had to train TWO people today, this was not how I wanted to start my day.

Marilyn and I headed in to the office, and I immediately started taking care of the situation. There are certain routines to try. I checked with each person repeatedly as I went along. Christine and Steven went with me to the It Room. The one piece of equipment was dead, and several things were plugged into it, including both Servers (the main Server and phone Server). I unplugged each cord and plugged these directly into the dedicated outlets in the wall.

Yes, I did text and phone Kris, but couldn't reach him. So I was on my own.

So I did a ton of tweaking on the floor with individual computers, moving back and forth among all the users.

Finally, I had to figure how to restart the Exchange, something Kris has always done in the past. I googled it and found the answer, but I admit it still wasn't that clear to me (details were missing from the instructions). But I did what I've had to do many times: I reasoned out the things that weren't explained.

Here's the thing: Frequently I'm working above my skill level. I can do a lot of things after years of experience, but I wasn't really trained for this level of It work. Which is why sometimes the explanations aren't as clear as I might wish. There's the natural assumption in the instructions that anyone attempting these things would already know where to find stuff, or how to do the things not explained. Happily today I could reason out what was necessary, and I got the Exchange started again. PLUS I've written out these instructions for future use, so the NEXT time I need the Exchange restarted, I can do it myself.

After that, Rich and I went to coffee with Taylor. Then I came back and got her trained. It went very smoothly, and by noon we were done.

Marilyn and I took a lunch break, walking up tp McDonald's to get a chicken sandwich. Marilyn had to leave for a meeting at 12:45, and my next session began at 1:00. After eating, I went upstairs briefly to prepare, and to glance over my email. That's when I found out that Kris had gotten back to me in the morning, while I was with Taylor.

The next thing I knew, Christie was letting me know that Katie was ready for me. So I started her training and we worked through all my notes (again smoothy). I really like both girls, by the way. Taylor is a former Princess (well, once a Princess, always a Princess!). And Katie is the daughter of a Sponsor, who is working for us as a volunteer (which is near and dear to my heart).

Marilyn got a bunch of walking in during her coliseum meeting. Anyway, she took a break and we both went for a walk. It was a stunningly beautiful day! Blue skies and really hot out.

Rich walked with me to get a soda, so that was more steps...

It was a busy and somewhat stressful day. But we left by 6:30, so that was great! We had to stop at the store on the way home and pick up a few things (at Freddies).

I was pretty annoyed much of the day that I couldn't sync my Fitbit. But it turned out to be my iPhone. After restarting it, I was good to go.

Leftovers for dinner, and Dancing With the Stars. I'm really tired tonight and fell asleep sitting up at one point.

Sister Sue reminded me what she'd told me before: Candy (her daughter, our niece) and Candy's daughter Nicole (Sue's granddaughter) joined Planet Fitness in Washington state several months ago. We're very excited to try the gym out soon.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 12,152 steps today. I did 10,600 steps. Marilyn is 84,349 for seven days (!!!) and I'm 81,458. How about that???!!!

The house was really hot when we got home tonight. It was a delight to turn on the air. I watered the flowers in the front bed, but need to water the plants out back...

I'll be training Marlo tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get to bed soon.

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