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Sunday Hike!

Our original plan had been to do the same thing as yesterday: Go in early to the office and work. But instead, Marilyn suggested we take a ride up the Gorge (the Columbia River Gorge), and maybe hike to the Mosier Twin Tunnels. We've made this hike many times and really enjoy it.

We started out, however, by heading over to Washington state to make a quick trip to Walmart. We needed to pick up supplements, and Marilyn wanted to try a new protein powder with green tea.

After a very quick shopping trip, we decided to drive up the Washington side of the Gorge -- and maybe stop somewhere and hike in a new spot. Then we got to talking about Beacon Rock, which we haven't hiked up in years and years. So we drove that way and even stopped there, buying an annual parking pass for all Washington state parks. But once there, we decided not to climb Beacon Rock today. So we kept driving up the Gorge, and crossed the toll bridge at Hood River. Then we kept going until we reached Mosier.

I had my big backpack along that I take on hikes. I can fit my entire purse inside it. Why does this matter? Because I don't carry the usual stuff women carry inside my purse. It contains my (all-important) external hard drive, my iPads and my Kindle paperwhite! It's pretty heavy to pack around, but I would NEVER leave it in the car!!! If it's with me, then it stays with me -- inside stores or wherever we stop. And when we walk or hike, as well.

And I had it with me because we planned to go DIRECTLY to the office when we were done up the Gorge, so we could finish up our work from yesterday...

By the way, when we stopped at Beacon Rock there had been a break-in of at least one car there! So I can't stress enough how important it is to keep your important items WITH YOU at all times! A ranger even came over to warn us about the problem and make sure we hadn't had anything taken.

My backpack gets pretty heavy, what with my purse and then things like trail snacks, apples and bottled water.

The weather was really lovely up the Gorge today. I only wore my light jacket when we were hiking, and Marilyn had to take off her heavier jacket that she'd worn. We had our walking sticks (as always) and we pushed ourselves pretty hard. (I've been packing around my meter to test my blood sugar, because of the recent issues. I tested it once on the trail, then again at the car.)

Anyway, it was a great hike!

We stopped on the way back at Planet Fitness. We had decided to get gym memberships, which we haven't had in a long time. We used to belong to Nautilus years ago, and then to West Coast Fitness. But the exciting thing about Planet Fitness is that it's literally open 24/7! You can go there any hour of the day or night, and every day of the week. The interesting thing is that it's on 182nd near Division, which is very close to where sister Sue used to live years ago. Marilyn and I spent a lot of time at Sue's house, as I used to be the nanny for her kids when she had to travel all the time for her work (and Marilyn would frequently come and stay there, too).

We think it's a good way to spend our money, getting back in the gym after all these years. We always loved doing the weight machines. And it should be fun doing the treadmill side by side!

Then we drove downtown to the office. And I had to immediately test my blood, as I was having another low.

I had some of my other doses of my medication from when I took lower doses. So I tried 500 last night (that's half of my current dose). But I was high this morning. So I went to 850, which I was on for some time. I'm thinking I need to do 850 at night (for now), and try the 500 in the morning. Yes, I need to see my nurse practitioner and get this worked out, but frankly, she'd just do exactly what I'm trying right now -- she'd adjust me and adjust me until we reasoned it out. Except that she wouldn't see me often enough to be much help. So I think it's fine to give this a try for now.

Mainly I need to be sure that I'm eating enough during the day -- especially when I'm exercising (which is much of the time right now). It was interesting that just the hike didn't bring me low -- but it was probably that we hadn't eaten again soon enough...

I'm NOT so low that it's dangerous. But being low FEELS LOUSY! I just feel really yucky afterwards, even when I get it back under control. The swings from low back up are unpleasant, too -- not just the way you feel when you're low (which is crappy).

So, we're back to the problem. It is a good problem to have, because I certainly want to get my readings lower. But it's not balanced right now, which is going to take time and patience to manage. I'm proud that I'm being careful and testing whenever necessary. I keep a meter with me all the time right now, which I think makes sense.

By the way, Marilyn and I are getting a TON of sleep right now, especially for us. Most people who know us are aware we don't begin to get the sleep that many people seem to find essential. But we've really increased our own amount.

For a time when I first got really serious about my steps, I was having huge bags under my eyes! But that's much better now, and I think it's about the sleep.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 12,255 steps today. I did 13,035 steps. We were BOTH more than 80,000 steps for seven days, which amazed us! Pretty cool.

We talked about trying for 15,000 steps today, but by the time we got done at work and got home we were just too tired to try it. Oh well. (The idea is to have some 'extra' room for days where we might not make the 10,000 steps a day goal...)

Darn! I totally left out visiting the area near North Bonneville that has the Bigfoot statues!!! We've been there before, but the Bigfoot statues are a new addition, and really sweet! These are carved from wood and are all over the park -- some hiding behind trees or rocks, and some hanging from trees! Very clever idea. (I would imagine kids would love them!) There's a tennis court there that we've always intended to give a try. (Back in the day we loved finding new places to play tennis...)

We had hot dogs and chili when we got home. We decided to have that earlier in the week. It was yummy (with Brussels Sprouts).

Well, I'm training TWO new people tomorrow, so I should get to bed! Good night all!

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