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Saturday: Working at the Office -- More Steps!

Marilyn got me up around 9:00 this morning so we'd be able to get down to the office, but still have time to walk to McDonald's for breakfast (you need to get there before 10:00). So I got up and fed the cats and did my usual routine.

Anyway, we got downtown in plenty of time to walk over there, meaning we got food and steps.

Portland Walk MS was happening near our building, so we went outside to check it out very briefly. There was a band playing and people handing out oranges to the walkers (they insisted I take one). We took some pictures and headed back inside.

The weather was much nicer today than expected. It was really a lovely day.

Anyway, we both had a lot to do, so we got to work. In the afternoon we took a break to get a walk in. We were both stiff and sore, plus we needed the steps. We walked all the way down to Saturday Market and checked out a bunch of the vendors. I bought us each a coin purse in the PDX carpet design. Very cool. And I bought Marilyn some earrings as a late birthday present.

When we got back, Carol had come in to work, too. Anyway, we both got back to work.

I'm continuing to have issues with my blood sugar and lots of lows. People say it's a good problem to have, but as Marilyn said today, it's still a problem. Anyway, I had another low blood sugar incident today. I was 63. I ate some dark chocolate. You then wait 15 minutes and test again. I was only 64. So I ate an apple, and went up to 68. That still feels CRAPPY, to be clear.

Not long after that Marilyn decided to head home. We both were tired. We got food and headed to the house, where we ate. We watched some TV, then I went in to read and have a nap.

When I got up, it turned out Marilyn never did have a nap! Poor thing. Sometimes if she's drifting off and is awakened, then she can't get back to sleep again.

When I got up, we both needed more steps. So Marilyn did the treadmill, then I did around 15 minutes.

Fitbit Update: Marilyn did 10,369 steps today. I did 10,289. steps. Marilyn is 70,696 for seven days, and I'm 74,376. Getting 10,000 is really not as hard as we used to think.

I got back to Ryan at Boys and Girls Aid (our official charity this year), sending him some photos for the web page (landing page) they have for us. (I found four photos and resized them for him.) He written a nice email back to me (I wrote to him recently), so I wanted to finish that up (and link him to our logo page).

I spent AGES today re-working my training notes. I love how these are coming along! The notes I did before training Lise worked really well, but I had some things to add (things that came up during training). Plus I put this in a table with two columns, giving me a place to check off items as I go. So far, so good. I'm going to work on it more tomorrow.

Actually, I'm looking forward to going in to work on Sunday...

We had thought about going to the show today, but obviously that didn't happen...

And that's my Saturday!

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