CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

This is so wacky!

Marilyn and I went to Costco (with Joey in tow) and ended up buying so much stuff that wasn't on our list! LOL. Typical, I suppose...

Joey 'fell in love' with this set of 'Talkabout' radios (walkie talkies), so we got them. His thought was that when we went hiking places he could have one and MM or I could have the other. Then when we ended up separated (which he sees as a given), we'd still be able to find one another. (Joey's attitude is always that MM wants to do too much in the way of physical exercise, which doesn't interest him all that much.) (smile)

MM thought she and I could use them here at home... for when I'm upstairs on the computer and she's downstairs in the bathroom or family room wondering when in the hell I'm finally going to take my shower (to head out somewhere) or bring down the coffee and ice cream. LOL. My sense of 'time' is so different from her sense of time. I'm wacky that way...

Well, we have plenty of food and goodies (just try taking FatJoey to the store with you) for the Fourth. Lots of things we didn't need, but it's vacation and a holiday and we basically caved to Joey's tastes (as usual). Little brothers are sometimes expensive and annoying, but they're also a ton of fun. LOL.

The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be bad. So much for the outside barbeque and lounging on the deck with the new chaise cushion we finally bought today (God, what those cost)...

We all spent ages getting the yard into shape -- and now the weather has screwed that up. (Well, the weather is a given here. There's basically isn't a time all year we can count on 'no' rain...)

Oh well. We'll all slack around the house and joke and tell stories and eat too much and watch movies on video--and hopefully hook up the brand new DVD and duel VCR we bought today at Costco... (Then we'll finally be able to watch the few DVDs we have! LOL.)

Of course, we so loved "The Fast and the Furious" that we originally bought it as a DVD way back -- and then turned around and bought it on tape, too. (But after all, we do have several VCRs in the house. I have a small TV/VCR combo in my bedroom, we have a VCR on the TV in the living room, there's the VCR in M.'s bedroom, another TV/VCR combo in the office and the current VCR in the family room.)

As for buying other DVDs and the exact same vids (besides "TFATF"), we did that for Britney Spears 'The Videos' and Backstreet's 'Videos' collection. LOL.

Can't claim we own all that many DVDs (they certainly spendy), but we're excited about those we do own. Frankly, we waited forever to buy a DVD player. we got an expensive one given to us at Christmas and have never hooked it up -- because it's so complicated to do a duel hook-up with this model! But being able to tape from TV is so important to us!

Well, glad to see so many of our friends posting to LJ and sharing. It's turned into another wonderful way to 'keep in touch' with those we care about on line... (Yes, I'm reading all the LJs of my friends -- and enjoying them immensely!)

Guess I should go put on the baked beans for tomorrow! And maybe give Leo a call...

Hope all our American friends are having a nice evening/night prior to the holiday! LOL.

Tags: 2002, fourth-of-july, joey

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